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Devil’s Bible Darkest Secrets Explained

It’s a mysterious book that in its day was believed to contain all human knowledge. But why did medieval people believe that the author sold his soul to the devil to be able to write it?

The “Devil’s Bible,” a behemoth volume weighing in at 165 pounds, believed to have been produced by a single monk over the course of decades in the 13th Century, is the focus of a documentary that was featured on the National Geographic Channel.

A complete Old Testament and New Testament, and a collection of a number of secular works besides, the Devil’s Bible is an encyclopedia of medieval knowledge. But it has also been haunted by dark speculation, including that its writing was guided by the devil’s hand.


Devil’s Bible Photo open on the page of the picture showing Satan © MHP

It got its name “Devil’s Bible” from the illustration of the devil on page 290 (in the photo above). It is believed to be the only bible of its era that depicts Satan. There the devil is, looking more like a cartoon character in an ermine diaper, rather than evil incarnate.



Devil’s Bible (Codex Gigas) manuscript © MHP

What makes the Devil’s Bible such an object of fascination is the back story associated with it. According to the TV show, which I watched when it premiered, the legend about the Devil’s Bible was that it was written by a monk in a single night.

Compact with the devil

The story goes that such a feat was possible only because the monk had made a compact with the devil. The implication is that the devil himself wrote this bible, which is why his portrait adorns it.

Devils-Bible_3.jpgHowever, if the devil inspired the book then there is nothing in it that appears to cast Satan in a good light, at least not that I can find by searching for information on the Web about the Devil’s Bible. (It is more properly known as Codex Gigas, or “Giant Book.”)

Codex Gigas manuscript © MHP

Oldest Bible Reunited Online >>

The television show combined the story and the extraordinary history of this giant book with modern forensic science to see what can be established about the Devil’s Bible. The manuscript was definitely produced by one person, according to analysis of the ink and penmanship.

Most likely the producer of the Devil’s Bible was a monk whose name is mentioned in the index and who probably devoted many, many years to the task, perhaps as a form of penance. The Devil’s Bible was written by one person, but it was not written in a single night.


Devil’s Bible (Codex Gigas) manuscript © MHP

Courtesy of National Library of Sweden.
Photograph courtesy of the National Library of Sweden. The Devil is shown alone, in an empty landscape, the Library of Sweden says on its website. “He is crouching with his arms held up (he has only four fingers and toes) and wears an ermine loin cloth. Ermine is usually associated with royalty, and its use here is to emphasize the position of the Devil as the prince of darkness.” The portrait was intended to remind the viewer of sin and evil, the Library website continues. “It is opposite a page with a representation of the Heavenly City and the two pages were deliberately planned to show the advantages of a a good life and the disadvantages of a bad one.”
Photograph courtesy of the National Library of Sweden
Photograph courtesy of the National Library of Sweden

Portraits of the Devil are common in medieval art, but this one in the Codex Gigas may be unique in books for showing him alone and occupying a whole page. The Heavenly City (photo on the left) and the Devil Portrait are the only full page pictures in the Codex Gigas.

The provenance of this extraordinary book and its unlikely story as well as its journey across centuries, passing through a succession of monasteries and royal palaces to its current destination, the National Library of Sweden, is a legitimate story for National Geographic to cover. And it makes good television too.


Exorcism and Magic Spells in the Devil’s Bible

Also included in the Devil’s Bible, on pages that follow the picture of the devil, (the picture below), are detailed instructions for the exorcism of demons or evil from people and objects.


There are also two magic spells, both with specific instructions on how to identify and catch a thief.

Possession by demons was commonly thought during medieval times to be the cause of many illnesses.

The church had specific rituals to exorcise evil by casting demons out of an afflicted person’s body.

In the name of Jesus

According to the Christian New Testament, Jesus gave his disciples the power to cast out evil spirits, which is why scholars believe the medieval exorcists commanded demons to leave an afflicted person’s body “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

The incantations for exorcism would not be out of place in the Devil’s Bible, appearing after this picture of the devil.

Devil’s Bible facts:

  • The 310 parchment leaves (620 pages) of the Devil’s Bible are made of vellum, from the processed skins of 160 animals, most probably donkeys. Some pages of the Devil’s Bible are thought to have been removed, and no one knows what happened to them.
  • The entire Devil’s Bible is written in Latin. The calligraphy is lavishly luminated throughout.
  • Including its wooden case, which is ornamented with metal, the Devil’s Bible is so heavy (about 165 pounds) that it requires at least two adults to carry it.
  • The portrait of the devil faces a picture of the “City of Heaven,” the only other image in the Devil’s Bible. Some scholars believe that the picture of Heaven negates the portrait of the devil. Others have noted that no people can be seen in the City of Heaven.
  • Also in the Devil’s Bible is the “encyclopedia” by St. Isidore, who, more than a millennium after he lived, is regarded as the patron saint of the Internet. Isidore’s Etymologiae was an attempt to record all universal knowledge of his time, the 7th Century.


Devil’s Bible additional information:

Codex Gigas (Official Codex Gigas site at the National Library of Sweden, contains highlights and scholarly analysis of the Devil’s Bible.)

Codex Gigas (World Digital Library’s full digital scan of the entire Devil’s Bible)

Manuscriptorium (Czech-language site’s high-res scans of the Devil’s Bible)



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  • Joseph

    The thing about the Devil’s Bible is that it shows we could have had more, but then again in the King James Bible, it makes out the devil to be deceiving and very manipulative…so who are we to believe. This is personally why I stick to fact not religion.

  • jadams

    I have been studying the divel bible for a long time ever I had heared about it on tv If you could send me as much information that you can to my email.

  • daniel sparks

    that is awsome but wierd at the same time and very coooooooool!!!!!!!!

  • 666

    666 the world is coming to an end

  • tez

    devil bible hav some dark secrets of the world
    devils coming to rule

  • shiela may

    Could it be possible that the devil’s bible was only created to oppose the beliefs of the christian bible?… to me, its very fascinating to learn about the devil’s bible, and how a bible like that could exist during the medieval period… 🙂

  • Alphie Uba

    The Codex Gigas is interesting help me learn more about it, I’m a christian but i want to know more and what is more than more about the 2nd world as they say and more about satan’s apposement to Chris’t is paul an exorcist ? are any of the apostle’s exorcist who know’s how to remove devil’s unto a human’s soul ?

  • Deepak Rajbhar

    The devil bible has a huge contents and they are meaning if any one find information please forward ti to my mail

  • k.s.pattulingam

    sir devil really exist how we see or contact

  • k.s.pattulingam

    sir how to contact with devxil

  • tubal

    the devil is not a real entity,he or it exist only in the mind of us the human race.

  • There are some fascinating closing dates on this article but I don’t know if I see all of them middle to heart. There is some validity however I will take maintain opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we wish extra! Added to FeedBurner as well

  • joshua

    try to convert this name in “roman num..”
    “VICARIVS FILII DEI” and read APOCALIPSIS 13-18,, and you will see it ,, what 666 is for !!! <?? ^^ i know him,…… roman num.. {I = I,, V = 5,, L = 50,, C = 100,, and D = 500,, }

  • zzzz

    the true devil’s are the humans,,,

  • Joe

    I had an experience with a spiritual entity and if my sister was not there to witness it with me…I would never mention it to anyone in fear that they may think I was crazy!lol! So to this day I don’t believe in ghosts and goblins but I do believe in spirits because of my experience. Plus the bible speaks of spirits both good and evil …if you are a believer of God that is.

  • Joe

    I had an experience with a spiritual entity and if my sister was not there to witness it with me…I would never mention it to anyone in fear that they may think I was crazy!lol! So to this day I don’t believe in ghosts and goblins but I do believe in spirits because of my experience. Plus the bible speaks of spirits both good and evil …if you are a believer of God that is. The bible does mention of human possessions and how JC would perform exorsisms.

  • tubal r.

    the true devil is our thinking.
    july 10 ,2:45 am.

  • Louis

    Have people actually tried spells from the devil bible?

  • CJ

    well,devil is real and also God is real and it exits in each and everyone of us both sides so is your ability to choose which one to belong to.i think i am a God i know what is good and what is bad i equally know when i do good and when i do bad and i know when my God rewards me and when yee punishes me for whatever i have done which.and i don’t believe in going to church consistently because i know how to talk to my God at my own free time how can God create the whole world from Monday to Sunday and he rested on Sunday and its on Sunday they go disturbing the peace intact am angry thank you bye…..

  • Wezzie

    The truth shall set us free, I believe that we are living in this hell right here on this earth. Jesus Christ has his own Bible
    and now Satan has his own Bible. we are the Children of Christ and the Children of Satan. You must understand that we were born in sin ,Take a good look around you on this earth and see what;s happening to our People Family Friends it;s among the living who Killing that not the vision of Love Peace and Happiness.Death is a part of living.We the people are killing for no reason at all, The truth is coming out soon real soon ,The war between Christ and Satan is among us all so we all have been deceived and manipulative from the beginning so many secrets are coming out ….THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE…

  • emmans

    though intresting but to hell wit d devils bible…jesus reign

  • Kevin

    Interesting scripture but the truth is that none above God.I want more information pls mail me

  • Roy

    It is prolly actually the real bible lol, i know it is crazy to say but over many many years the bible we have today has been rewritten several times. Whatever the writer wanted to put into the bible. It does kinda make sense to have one book with all of the information that has been taken out of it,

  • greg

    666 is the way to hell 🙂 this is my way

  • Lee Hyori

    Take Note: Today I will make my own reaction to this issue. Here it is:

    I believe in GOD and only HIM. I don’t want to confuse my mind for ANY revealed “TRUTHS” behind against the Holy Bible because it can create a mess and might lose my faith to HIM. I’m not afraid seeing SATAN or a DEMON because I believe GOD will not letting me down. Instead, HE will help me to remove my fears. And that SATAN’S BIBLE IS NON-SENSE!! If you have seen one, BETTER BURN IT!! >< It will not help you to improve your life. Rather, will create a mess and confusion in your mind. Our emotions are weak sometimes and when fears came along, SATAN will strike us. Don't let satan come into you. Let him stay away from you! By what? Through a PRAYERS! Whatever Holy Prayers you're using (in considering your religion other than Catholic) will help you to clean the mess, removes your fears and confusions. Always take note of this! This might helps you but KEEPING YOUR FAITH TO GOD will definitely removes you from this darkness. It's not that I'm letting you to believe what I had said here because all of us has different religions. All you have to do is open up your Holy bible and read any HOLY verses on it to keep your GOD's hands in your shoulder. That's it!

    Any violent reactions? It's up to you! But I'm ready to listen to your reactions too!

  • Ronnie

    Does anybody know where i can read the devils bible in English Online?

  • robin smith

    i don’t its something fascinating.i m searching full video based on this topic.i think all we need to do is to believe in God with full power,understanding and heart to stay apart from this all.the God”s holy word should be our guidance.

  • Ben

    men… I will like to read this book.

  • jesse martin

    yo i totally want to reaad this man sounds like the real bible of what orther pesants took out of it ani i think that they shouldn’t haved fXXKen touched it. ps SWAgg

  • nathan

    i belive tht the devils bible shouldent stay in one place

  • charne

    I need to know more!

  • Ausar


  • Anna

    i would advise all born again believers to stay away from the devil’s bible. we already know the truth and we can never exaust the knowledge of the bible till we die because it is very rich in the wisdom and knowledge of God. there’s so much we need to learn and so we dont want to waste our time on the devils bible. remember that the devil is a thief who comes to only steal, kill and destroy. so belivers, beware!

  • sasha

    do you really believe in bible !!!!! and now we have another magic of bible :))))) devil’s bible !!!:))

  • nmc

    what ever the book reveals nothing changes in the sense that GOD is the most high and devil are the most low we humans are in the middle, we only need to ask for forgiveness for our sin to GOD in the name of the Lord JESUS and be part of the Most High.

  • John Ivey

    I got baptist approx 14yrs ago, and on know account reflect myself as a good christian, and more times than i can count let god down, But he has never given up on me this i know with each breath i take. The myth says a single monk wrote the book in 1 night after making a pack with the devil, what rubbish any1 who has faith, knows if u dont beleive in god the devil believes in u, why would the devil make a pack with a monk sole all ready in his pocket. And the christian bible may not allways make sence but never been wrong, im sure this would been mention.

  • jeremy

    Brethren, we need to open our mind and our eyes, heaven is real and hell is also real. Can anyone keep light and darkness together? We can not buy salvation with our own blood, we need to hold onto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith so brethen, don’t yeald to those stories they have nothing to give us. I pray that the truth shall set us free!!

  • obeweh solomon

    we don”t know who to believe anymore,can we please stick to believing only in the right things that we know?

  • JJY

    Dont accept to be manupulated, never read that book u know the devil wants to try to resemble God but never Our God is high and above every thing in the world so brethren the only way is to accept the truth and it shall set you free and that is free indeed Jesus is the answer forthe world today accept him and you will enjoy enternity but the devil is total destruction to your life.
    for he love us and gave us his only son whosoever believeth shall never die but have everlasting life.

  • Pablo

    To believe in Jesus (God) you have to believe in the Devil.

  • Duff

    For it being such an old piece of history, They certainly didn’t hesitate to touch it. I thought that can harm it ancient artifacts? They were so uptight about letting the historians see it, but then it shows them getting right up in it examining it, breathing on it, and touching it. Stupid!

  • Sesugho ordams

    IF THE BOOK HAS SPELLS THEN WHY ALLOW PEOPLE HAVE ACCESS TO IT. Be born again and give ur life to christ and him alone shall u serve.

  • luis

    what should we believe in now the devils bible or the real bible

  • Roland

    i would like to say that the bible of devil is not really evil because it conteins the Bible and the human knowledge so i think only the name, when you hear the Devil’s Bible scares you i believe in God with all my heart and i know that when jessus will return for the second time on angels clouds then those who belived in him and didnt fall into the hands of the devil those will be saved:)

  • Kehaulani

    To believe in God, I feel you must believe in the devil. Who can not say that in our world there is both good and evil. You can debate what the book is all about but it is a wonderful piece of our history.

  • Nancy

    All these people saying “You shouldn’t read it” seem to overlook the fact that it contains the entire Latin Vulgate (the Latin version of the Bible for the Christians who don’t know anything about their own Holy Book, as well as the Apocrypha, contained in the Catholic Bibles but not Protestant, such as: Wisdom of Solomon, Esdras, Tobit, Judith, Esther, and Maccabees. It also contains a book called “Wisdom of Jesus.” Yeah, you Christians need to stay away from this book, especially the Wisdom of Jesus – there’s no place for “wisdom” or common sense in Modern Patriarchal Christianity. Do some research, it will do you good.

  • andrew

    this book is huge!!

  • Apollo

    this book is bigger than my dog!

  • Janet A Hargrave




  • skunk

    lemme study then i’ll give my opinion later. But ofcouse it will be a negative opinion

  • cassidy

    I personally feel that this book is quite true. as specutlations made by scientists and other researchers, i believe they will know more than thos soley believing in the ‘holy bible’ and that this book known as the devils bible. the devils bible is proof of more than just the devil. it shows the truth behind good and evil. some say the old and the new testament of the holy bible of Jesus is part of the devils bible, and that no evil can really touch the holy bible, in my opinion, the devils bible was not scribed entirely by the force of just a monk of the devil. nobody could write a book like so without mistakes and change of appearance of writing in the book. i do not believe in the christian faith, though i do respect it. but a fact is a fact. nobody can say that this or that is not true when there is thorough evidence.




    In my own openion. that book is not the devil’s bible. The man wrote that book is only the expressing himself.He only open his forth window of our human body. He try to express what he feels. Upon making that book. He only wanted to catch every reader and wise men around the world. That is his master piece or work of art. The Holy bible is written to make all human bieng unite, To follow what is the right things to do. As advice to all readers. Understand what happen in the realily. There’s no evil nor god. But there are super natural being around us, and guides us in our daily life. We cannot see them in our naked eyes. Just try to use your hearts and you will feel them.We as human being are destroying the world and our faith because we are not humble. The holy bible is the work of art by the supernatural being.Feel them and all your burdens will lights.

  • Janvie S. Amido

    I think in regard to this topic we need to study the two sides of the coin before jumping to conclusion.

  • antichrist

    i m thhe one who dwels withhin i love this

  • antichrist

    i belive n te devil cuz i am the one who dwels within n tis book is huge

  • Chapman

    This is usually a interesting and nice learn. The blog is written in a manner that it is so easily readable and understand. I AM a fan of your blog. Thank you for sharing this info.

  • jesse

    well, for me, i guess this is the real unrevised bible, as what we had read in the Holy Bible, it seeks into our hearts, and gives up hope but hides some facts that God might have done something that is not purely good, in this Devil’s Bible, everything is stated, from good to bad, this is more applicable into reality for me, but still, we all have our faith, those of weak faith, you may say that this is a devils dwellers work, but no, maybe just someone who is an existentialist did this one for us to be aware about the reality and some supernatural phenomena happens in this world as a reality also, ,


    our knowledge is not enough to say what is truth and not,we are living in illusions and we are all manipulated by our environment you should all think about the word SIN,How can you make sin if you are not being manipulated by bible or someone? you should all open your heart, free your self and seek for knowledge. if this book can give me knowledge i will keep it and take care of it until i die but i will never forget the things I’ve learned like think before following rules 🙂 i only believe in things that will harm none and make everyone satisfied. by the way i’m not against satan or your God 🙂


    I bealive God and devil exist both have their different principles and we as humans have free will to choose whom to serve or what to bealive.

  • Ravindra H

    If one believes in God, one should believe in devil too. Because every coin has two sides. If one accepts ‘good’ one is inadvertently confirming the existence of ‘bad’.
    I don’t buy the argument that ‘why God can not eliminate devil?’, God is almighty. But God does allow devil to show its muscle -only to drive the point that bedeviled or erring people do reap their dividend.
    So, let’s be righteous.

  • Earth Angel

    Note:His coming is soon,Your creator is busy selecting the once to bring destruction on the wicked,for God has already won it is but only for him to come fetch us, but the enemy is taking advatage of time, his voice will be cut soon…As my might father told me…It’s time for the secled once to be revealed…They know themselve as they were born with it,don’t be like a lost saint…we are the saints that will make it easier for man to choose…I SAID GOD ALREADY WON…

  • miranda


  • Juju

    People plz tel me,cn anything gud come out of evil? NO! Epsolotly nt possible,an i find it very amazing that people belive in that buk an the divil bt knowing that nothing gud cn come out of evil.nometer how one can try to argue it out Jesus Christ is stil the ruler an the devil knows that very wel so stop being a fool of the devil an accept Jesus b4 it 2 l8t.JESUS CHRIST IS THE KING FACT!!!! Wether u like it or nt!

  • Jeff

    Sometimes I feel horrible to belong to such an ignorant race. How we have made it this far………something besides god only knows.

  • haise

    faith is like opium and what you believe is what happens .before you believe something try to reason why you think its true

  • jo-ann

    Knowledge and wisdom must be share to create a beter wold and not cept by a smale popelation. we must now of evel and good

  • thabang shilabye

    let us not wix 2 read this devil bible and focus on God’s bible dat contains gud thngs only….bt thank u 4 letting us knw abt thz book!

  • Tlhogi

    I heared that god is both good and bad. that means if u do the bad things or good things u are still serving him. and he is the one and only god that means there is no satan. if there is satan that means god’s other name is satan

  • Wesley

    People have to be very careful. Catholicism is not = to Christianity for example. You’re only a Christian if you believe in ONLY in Jesus Christ and the Bible that has stood the test of time – the Bible that contains no addendums or deletions – the KJV of the Bible. This is the only version of the Bible that science would be able to use to prove it’s validity through the prophecies. ONLY God is able to tell us what the future holds ACCURATELY, and the KJV has proven God to be it’s actual author.

    Just because there are so many half-truths and coincidences…don’t let it shatter your belief in The Bible and God Almighty. God says to TEST HIM. The truth is only understood by very few…yet “Christianity” is so huge… so, what does that tell you? The Bible says that even the very elect will be tricked into believing they’re doing the right thing…but they aren’t. Satan’s greatest power over us is the same thing he used in the Garden of Eden…spreading lies and confusion…he’ll make you think you’re worshipping God only to find out that you’re not. This “Devil’s Bible” is inaccurate just by looking at the pictures…if you know your Bible then you know your enemy – Satan is the most beautiful creature ever made… so tell me, WHO would be better served by portraying him as a “monster”, Satan or God? The answer is Satan…God cannot lie…Satan lives lies. If you think you’re saved, and you worship on a Sunday…think again – chances are you’re very very wrong.

  • 1234

    First of all the stupid war between the heaven and hell is well stupid. lucifer became the devil because god love humans more than the angles. so if u think about it. someone u love and look up to and respected suddenly love someone better than you and stuff. u would get angry and stuff. that is human nature. what luifer did was human nature so i don’t know lucifer is such a bad guy. Plus people say they love god so much but when he first created us he didn’t like us one bit until jesus. and if god is all so power and the created of lucifer and human. I feel like god is a scientist who did a experiment that went wrong 😕 oh well too bad and i really wanna see that book one day they should translate into english

  • Hunter

    Look I’m not going against anybody’s religions or beliefs or whatever the hell y’all wanna call it. But if u actually take time out of ur so called “life’s” nnd actually read the sapposable all o mighty bible you’ll notice tht every bible says something different in it. So wats the thruth wat if u think tht it’s one thing but it’s actually another. Wat if there is no god or devil youll stay in the Inbetween. I myself believe in the devil not god because where’s god when a child is suffering or dieing he is nowhere to be fOund nnd the devil sends the reaper to Put them out there misery. So u gotta do alil research befor u talk. And u can’t say tht god is stronger than the devil cuz if he was the devil Woodnt even excist.

  • dhb

    Why don’t you say where CG has been originated if you’ve mentioned where is located now? Sweds stole it from czech kingdom. Nothing more than thiefs and burglars.

  • Adam

    Wow..u people that think ur the one that dwells inside..what the devils bible…ha…just sounds that u think its a joke.think again..the devils bible has gods true name…to undue what he has done…and it is in human skin.and wrote in blood….duuuuh…..all u weak minded people are just waiting to be possesed….dam….enjoy life now…not to worry..death….for eveeryone will come when it is anyones time..the test is not to give in to sin..and to open ur mind anda body to evil.all u so called devil worshipers are a joke..knawledge is power..a couple of spells .if u knw how to use it..which I dought…ur usseing that knwledge..u have it all wrong..what does a lil black magic do…it makess uu think ur going to be satans left hand man..think again..and his name is not lucifer people..duuuu…..i knw where im going…and nothing will change that…i wish I never found what I found…but I take it as my destiny…everyone will live forever..u just chose where….

  • tina

    Live right….do into others….gont be greedy your casket don’t have a luggage rack….help the poor every day not once a year….spread gods word especially to little children….respect yourself and others….don’t judge……if you ever have to ask yourself are you living or doing wrong then the answer is probably yes…..change while you have time.

  • Nelly

    believe in a real bible not in the devils bible safe your self with good words from a holybible(real bible) instead of evils bible….Lord is the way to heaven

  • Festus Shaduva

    The Holy Bible and devil,s bible acknowlged the existence both the Kingdom of God and the Hell of satan. Nothing new or news. What is new is only the delivery of devil’s book to general public through many ways. Pls let us not submit our mind to devil’s book when reading it. It shall serve us as a strong riminder toward our behaviours as Christian

  • Joe June C Labajo

    I read all the comments. In my poor understanding I found out that this book have a sense. I believe in supernatural things that happens to me everyday. And the author of this book has third eye. His imagination is unlimited by his masterpiece. I never underestimated the mind of all the writer of this book. But the fact is merely cover with supernatural idea. My opinion is give balance to this world. Share also your ideas and understanding regarding this matter. This issue is not a joke for those people that have a poor in heart that needs guidance. These kind of people never believes if they do not see. Read this book using your heart and not thy mind. For this book will destroy thy faith for those people doesn’t experience the supernatural work of art. Thanks everyone, may the force be with you. ( star wars)

  • Ishall

    Many Christians after years of brainwashing have become complacent and are very fearful of anything that might refute their belief system. They are afraid of documents like these when they should embrace knowledge and free their minds. Your Religion is full of fanciful stories and falsehoods used to control the poor for the benefit of the wealthy(like most organized Religions) Sorry but it’s true. Virgins dont have babies.

  • Dalton

    Dude. I dnt even know. But it does interest me how there are Bibles, but I only believe in what my eyes can see not wht sum book says.

  • Kevin .

    Its not called the hell of satan :/
    God created hell, so even if hell was given to a name, it probably would be called hell of God but its not its just called hell.

  • Angelia

    How do we know the picture contained within the Codex Gigas is supposed to be a portrait of Satan? Considering the picture shows the creature walled up, not the typical Satan ruling over Hell, and the monk who wrote this amazing book seems to be atoning for some kind of assumed sin (and was probably walled up writing), could this not be a self portrait of the monk? Not literally of his physical features, but how he viewed himself because of his sins.

  • joe joe

    For all of you. Who believe in God understand his ways by listening to a theoligist by the name of Zakir Naik you will here understand the speculation and misleading we have encounted over the centuries all by the rule of the illuminati understanding that God never inteded niether Christianity nor Jueasm to be a religion but for Islaan to be a way of life for all man kind if u all think I’m bull shiting u take on an open minded view on this and google each point that arises by. The speaker and sea what u get. SubhanAllah maywe all be led towards the light of Allah and not the light under.

  • joni pindile

    this sounds stupid..all your arguments are not consructive and they lack logic.go bek to school and learn to free your mind.

  • Jesse

    Alright, here it goes… i have devoted my heart as well as much of my interest and time into finding wether or not i have a true believer set of mind, in fact i have tried to ensure the fact that i was… but when all was said and done, the simple fact of it is i dont. i have read the bible, new and old, and it seems as the bible through god..(i believe) had been written in order do justify and establish order, morals, respect, honor, appreciation, hope, fear, discipline and some kind of self re-assurance to not be so fearful of death (the unknown). you see in a species such as our selfs, we are obsessed with learning and understanding, (and i will refrence your own comments on here) KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, i kept reading that, over n over again, if god just is, and the earth was composed in six days, its just to far fetched… we as a species obssesed with knowing more, now have a thing called science, and the devil is on depicted in the old testament once, and through out thousands of years of interpratations of that of the bible… has led to the satans bible, and all this satanic, christian, religion hear say.

  • David

    The devil is useless

  • Believer in Christ and God almighty

    At least some of you got it right! God is real! Christ is real! And this devils bible is crap! All you satanists need to learn to read and write properly , before you do anything stupid like give up your eternal soul to satan! But I guess that’s why God made hell. Its a place to store idiots. And for that I’m thankful. I can’t imagine Heaven filled with a bunch of idiots that can’t spell. Don’t get me wrong! I’ve had my dark days ,and I sometimes do mispell. But I’ve seen and felt things that made me change my mind. I’ve seen good and I’ve seen evil. You all better hope there is a God. I know there is. Because there is a devil. And if you don’t know God ,I can promise that you will know the devil for a very very long time! May God be with you all!



  • Franc

    …. Wait a minute… What are ya’ll talking about? And what’s The devil’s bible? Look, there are thousands of bad things out there that someone could ever encounter, but the wors of’ em, is being faced with the devil’s bible. And for those who espect good outcome from such a book, by saying its’t not as devilish as the name itself “devil’s bible” indicates, well, i’ll say to u that in your twisted perspection you should’t be found misleading others. And my advise to you right now is, taking interest and advantage of the inspired words of your creator “the holy bible” instead.

  • anonymous

    The devils bible isn’t “crap”
    if there is a God there is a devil. this book is real. and its not for satanists.. totally pathetic, this book has exorcism spells in them.. meaning your soul will be possessed by satan himself, and since you got yourself into this sticky mess God will not get you out of it. this book isn’t “cool” its disgusting
    it deserves to be burn in satins asshole.

  • quem

    the devil is my best friend, althow i may frie in hell, for i have been possessed by dark spirits over 20 years now.

  • moises rodriguez

    i had a dream about the codex gigas and on one specific page with the devil with his hands over a village burning in flames, i am so confused on what it means can any one help me

  • moises rodriguez

    i had a dream about the “codex gigas” a specific page were the devil himself had his hands casted over a burning village. i had not bin aware of the existance of this book untill a couple days ago,can anyone help me on what it means?

  • cina

    I had a dream about the Devils Bible. It came to me in my dreams it was made of human skin it smelt of death the pages was written in blood. The words was written in Latin, and for some odd reason I understood the book. I can’t speak non of that language. For everyone out their I do believe in god and the devil. Their is good and bad. God gave us free will we can choose. What people don’t understand as human as people we all break the Commandments. All the time. We go around saying that we do no wrong. And we all do you may not see it at first. When you kill a bug or an animal. Or you disrespect your parents, or when you use god and his son name in vane! Or steal, we all are not perfict. I dislike when people walk around like they are all high and mighty guess what your not perfict nether. No one is.

  • Kurrrt

    Written by man on paper was the bible & the devils bible. (positive/negative). A focus of human consciousness on a paticular subject, brings it. Groups of conscious focus, brings more.

  • Dennis Clough

    The Bible that Satan actually uses is God’s Book, the Holy Bible.

    Luke 4:9 And he led Him to Jerusalem and had Him stand on the pinnacle of the temple, and said to Him, “If You are the Son of God, throw Yourself down from here; 10 for it is written,

    ‘He will command His angels concerning You to guard You,’
    11 and, ‘On their hands they will bear You up,
    So that You will not strike Your foot against a stone.’”

    12 And Jesus answered and said to him, “It is said, ‘You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.’”

    13 When the devil had finished every temptation, he left Him until an opportune time.

    Here we see Satan opposing Jesus by twisting the Scriptures. Jesus replies, also using scripture, but now using it correctly.

    The Devil rarely makes a frontal assault but prefers subtility and misleading of his victims.

    Jesus said of Himself in John 14:6
    “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”

    About Satan Christ said to those who opposed Him, “3 Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word. 44 You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45 But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me.John 8:43-45 (NASB)
    Do you want to be saved from the Devil and all his lies? Do you want to miss Hell and gain Heaven? Simply trust Christ who died for every sin you ever did or ever will do so that you can be saved and know it! Listen to what Jesus said about receiving the free gift of eternal life: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.
    John 5:24 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

    Ask Jesus to save you right now and He will. Notice that He said that those who believe God about Him, His death for sin and the raising of His body HAVE (present possesion) eternal life! All who do this will never be condemned because our wonderful, innocent Savior was condemned in our place! Passing from death to life simply means that we were born seperated from God (that’s spiritual death) and now, having trusted Christ, we are born again into a completely new life. This is forever life, full of God’s love and power! It’s too good to not be true because that is what God is like. Write to me for further help or to tell me that you asked God to save you and He did. God bless you! Dennis Clough

  • Ben

    Unless I can read this entire book in english it won’t ever be anything special to me….what a waste of donkeys.

  • seann

    whats wrong with u idiots. the devils bible is just a name given to it becos of the picture it has in it. this book has the most earliest unedited version of the holy bible in it. the bible now days have been edited by man, so much so its no longer the word of god but man.

  • Precious Moore

    If y’all tell your selfs that you’re christians then why did you waste your time and money going through the devils bibles?fake christians indeed…:D I believe in the Devils Bible no matter what. Atleast it has usefull information. If you call your self a christian then i bet you should go through stuff like this. You believe in the Devil

  • Precious Moore

    Lol,if y’all tell your selfs that your true Christians,then why did you waste your time and money going through the bible that isn’t yours? Christians ONLY go through the holy bibles not the devils bibles it proves that your fake christians. I love the Devil and he is the way to hell

  • morix

    that is pure nonsense and mediocre c amini

  • prophet remond amonny

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  • Dakkul

    You’re all blundering fools. If you believe in religion then you have to believe in both the dark side of it and ye light side. Christianity was a cult and still is. People get persecuted for not believing in what others do, because everyone else isn’t smart enough to look beyond the reach of their hand for what to do in life. I bet no one would sacrifice their child if an angel told them to because they’re too shallow, and think its fake. Taking chances are a part of life, if you don’t then you miss out on an eternity of fulfillment.

  • stanley

    Well this topic is so fascinating and awesome well i believe in God and the bible proves it..well in as for tha devil issues no need to read about it cuz he is a liar the bible proves that..and we all know that our creator can lie…

  • stanley

    Well this topic is so fascinating and awesome well i believe in God and the bible proves it..well in as for tha devil issues no need to read about it cuz he is a liar the bible proves that..and we all know that our creator can lie…well lets learn to trust ourselfs.if we can control ourself we can control the you all

  • michael

    who ever is reading this testimony today should please celebrate with me and my family because it all started like a joke to some people and others said it was impossible. my name is Michael i live in Chicago i am happily married with two kids and a lovely wife something terrible happen to my family along the line, i lost my job and my wife packed out of my house because i was unable to take care of her and my kids at that particular time. i manage all through five years, no wife to support me to take care of the children and there come a faithful day that i will never forget in my life i met an old friend who i explain all my difficulties to, and he took me to a spell caster and and the name of the temple is called, okundonorgreatspell, i was assure that everything will be fine and my wife will come back to me after the wonderful work of dr okundonorgreatspell, my wife came back to me and today i am one of the richest man in my country. i advice you if you have any problem email him with this email: and you will have the best result. take things for granted and it will be take from you. i wish you all the best.

  • michael

    my name is michael i really want to share my testimony on how i became an Illuminati member, through my friend. i was moving with my friend for more than 10 years and he have been getting rich everyday and even giving me money but he never told me the secret of his success until a day i was frustrated to let him know that he should help me also that was when he open up to me and tell me that he was a member of the Illuminati that he have been in the court for more than 10 years that his riches and protection came from this i told him to let me be into the court but it not an easy task to be a member but i was finally initiated into the devil church of the Illuminati and i was confirm in there church. after a month of being a member of Illuminati i got promotion that same month in my working place and within a year i was promoted thrice in my working place to the extend of being a managing Director i never know how to thank this church of Illuminati and today am rich as my friend also, and also the one that surprise me most was that i got an accident with my new car and the car was right off but i still survive the accident and nothing happen to me i really thank you people Illuminati. so i just want to share to the world that this is real and it have help me and work for me so if you want to become a member i can lead you into the court of richness and you will never be poor again, know that it only a member in the Illuminati that can initiate you into the church of illumination they do not contact directly because they are fake Illuminati all over the world, this is my email they i will tell you how to join,

  • mduduzi madonsela

    ah i dont think we shll be scard of devel but we must knw that devel have the strong power but any way i go wth god becouse is my sharpard

  • Joel

    A force took place long time ago, creation is born. Life takes place to be created to create the things we inhabit today. As a man was created so was a woman for that man. One of each gender to create life, over time man has overcome obstacles as well as being subdued by the consequences. We were given the ability to make choices and to choose what is best in our interests, but it is that same man that befriends himself to chose our own fate. Each and every one of us conspires the concepts to confuse the very essence of man to doubt oneself. Whether if the Bible and the codex that was constructed by whomever, should not be the reason if God or the Devil exist. It is us the very mind, spirit and soul that was created from beginning of time leads us to our path. Personally I have to believe in what is right and to continue to make the right decisions to my final destination to become anew. That will be reflected upon you along your journey till the end.

  • Gift sagonja

    Behold you devil woshipers, hard time will come, you try away 2 escape bt no more be no way to run so devil who you think ur? Your too small you run away from space to de miner earth hahahaha!!!! God forgive

  • Jo

    well GOD is allowing the devil to thrive(and not eliminate him) is bcoz he is testing our love for him(god).GOD is not letting us to go through hardships to test us but he is giving us open chances to come closer to GOD at any time without any priest,money or any stupid offerings!!. so it must be we people who must understand his love and accept him and the fact that he is also ready to accept us too!!
    rethink over this people !! the times closing in!!

  • mabena dudu

    john 10:10 GOD says the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy ; i have come that they may have life and enjoy and have it in abundantly…..i believe that the spirit that lives within me is greater than the 1 that lives in the world……. God wont leave us He loves us more than we think…….




    pure nonesense…its end time guys,and the devil is running to snatch as many as he can,don’t give him a chance to win u…stay holly.believe in one JESUS CHRIST the son of the MOST HIGH GOD who chased lucifer the devil from heaven due to pride…don’t use the easiest and the most wicked ways to achieve dreams,JEHOVAH can bless.Friends there is a price of everything,..Not only gaining,u will loose including your life…JESUS OF NAZARETH IS COMING ..PREPARE THE WAY..FORGET ABOUT THE DEVIL…

  • Roy

    “God” and “the devil” are delusions placed on mankind by a group of highly advanced egomaniacs for a control mechanism that has been perpetuated over tens of thousands of years. Any “god” who needs a fiery chariot or wings to get around the globe or universe is a total farce. Time to wake up from the fairy tales and grow up.

  • Jason Worsham

    I think that only a fool turns away knowledge and only the weak in faith would ever fear loosing sight of their beliefs by reading/learning.Take in to consideration that the Bible was dictated by Catholics (the ones the think that it’s cool to molest children and try to cover it up),look at the Dead Sea Scrols (yet another excluded book). U must take all things in mind 2 make a just choice.I am a believer that God sent his only begotten son to die for our sins,that’s my choice…..
    I have been dead 13 times in my life and brought back by the grace of God.The first time was at birth and the last was when I was 14,I was hit and killed by a car while walking,I was flown to the closest hospital,where I was pronounced D.O.A.,I went from a cold steel gurney in the basement,to spending 6 months hooked up 2 all sorts of machines to keep me alive while I was in a comma.My family (God bless them)fell to their knees and asked God to save me.Against all that Science had too say and all of the Dr’s. said that I would never come back and if by some chance I did,that I’d be a Vegetable…..when they finally pulled the plug,my eye cracked open and I licked me lips where my mother was rubbing a Butterscotch lollipop…
    You deny God????NO ONE PRAYED TO THE DEVIL TO SAVE ME…………Yet to this day,I am 1 in a billion people whose brain completely rewired it’s self,I live a normal life,I walk with a limp,but I do alright…and after all of my pain and suffering,God has seen me threw,not the Devil.I am what I believe too be a Poor Christian,I sin…..alot,lol.
    The Bible teaches of Gods love and I mean…..come on now…..Would any of you give your childs life for a bunch of assholes???? I damn sure wouldn’t!!!!!
    The Wise man say that u are where u are because of the decisions that u have made (u reap what u sow) CHOOSE WISELY…….and if U chose not to decide,u still have made a choice…..

    I have been threw Hell and back, and yes there’s a Hell,and as there are more questions about this topic thn strands of hair on this planet,I will leave u with this one….Would it not be easier to be safer than sorry?

  • Jason Worsham

    God bless u all ll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • siyanda

    Again the secrete society is really playing with your minds ppl.These ppl want 2 b incontrol by confusing us ppl,by the time you reach da age of 5yrs u know da dffrence btween ryt nd stop strssng urself 4 sumthng dat cums by da internet,coz they ar in control over da media.
    Remember when one said”I wld create a blood dat wld rule them all”.so all in all BiBLE or no BIBLE u know between ryt nd wrng

  • DEAN


  • Maurice Kapoon

    God is the illussion of a sick mind.

  • cullen brand

    joe can you tell me what happened with you and your sister? i really want to know its on mind

  • Willie J Moyer

    who?what? and why? Please dont decive your self GOD is real!!!!!

  • Levi

    God is one in jesus,have been in alot of troubles in this world, in my dreams nightmares i call upon Jesus name and he helps me,never has satan or so called lucifer saved me any where,,,people sky is the limit jesus is our saviour,,the holy bible is true,,satan is roaring loking for pastures,

  • hotskull prospere

    To those who just admitted to jioning the the illuminati and loving the devil,really don’t deserve to be on this earth, how could you be so ungreatful,the lord,God,Jehovah put you on this earth,he gave you life,food to eat, he made you his child,till you betrayed him and worship the one person that caused us to be sinners,to the one person who made our lives miserable in the first place,Satan,Lucifer,they don’t call him the devil for no reason,he is a deciever,a liar!,soon you will realise the harm you have done to yourselves,only jackasses will pick Hell, where suffering continues for a lifetime, over Heaven the place of peace and the end of struggles. I have been through things in my life, things that would cause me to commit suicide, but I always look back and say, there are people who has it worse than me, and that no matter what I go through, God always looks for a way and a path. And I thank him for everything he has done for me. Everything happens for a reason. Love the life you live, Live the life you love. Being rich or famous doesn’t make your life any better.

  • Alex

    whether we believe or not God is always exist. Please do not insult anybody. The things we sense through our sense organ itself testify the existence of God. Don’t hurry please to make bad things on God and his people. As you know that our life is short 70,80,90 and below, so we will know everything after death. Oh, people of these Earth, I love you through greatest love of Christ. God bless you

  • Bent

    I like to know what it says. A translation in English would be ce, as I dont read ore uderstand latin… It hard to relate, to a book that can say all most anything, with out I know it. And as long as I dont know the text, I find it hard to belive, and at som point understand this book. How ever, if god exist,( real at som point ) then most the Devil aslo exist. It hard to belive, but the bible does say, that Lucifer was kick out of haven, so it makes sens at som point. How ever, I dont belive in god or the Devil I belive it is ourselves as it brings good to us, in our souls in thoughts, actions in in life and is therefore responsible for bringing the devil into our society or life / environment. Personal I do not believe that god exists, nor no the devil does, but that is ourselves and the way we treat others who are decisive. So have a good mind a warm heart, help others in those who have it harder than you and FORGET ALL ABOUT THAT GOD and the DEVIL junk.

  • Julius

    I believe in God, and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Even tho sum might believe in Him and sum don’t it does not mater because i can not judge you but do have respect for others Religious believes. If i died right now and i was wrong than im the one that will see it..but if God does exist than what will you tell him? some will say Well he was not there for mi…but you didn’t let him in..some might say well i called upon him and he was not there..well you only call upon him wen you need sum thing, he is not a genie. You cant just tell him you want to be rich and you will be rich..he wont give you sum thing that can potentially will hurt you…how? Well…OK…if you don’t know how to drive and you ask him for a Lamborghini and he gives it to you then its more likely that you will end up trying to drive it and even crash and die…God does not want that..and he will not give you what will kill you..or hurt you. But if he does not exist alright…i can come up with allot of facts and if you believe in that well its OK…That does not mean to disrespect sum ones religious beliefs. I’m not a Extreme Religious person…i do sin all the time…i don’t like church but i do respect them…my brother is an atheist and is very smart but he is still my brother…not because religion i will stop talking to him. Take a chill pill and don’t trip and be ignorant. Proper grammar or Big words don’t make you better than any body…and if you think that well its pride and ignorance.. Probably you a mid class wishing to be on top..and find reasons to try to step on others.

  • salkash

    When you read the Bible you find contradictions which confused the mind and when you listen the pastors you find them yelling and screaming make no sense and at the end they want to sell you something and ask for money I am sure the pastors did not read the whole Bible this their profession and use the Bible to collect money for their own show they will tell you stories thinking like the people got pretty low IQ what kind of religion is that to me make no sense I got no respect of hustler They will show you Hollywood movies try to play with the emotions of the people they have lot of tricks in their sleeves Will you follow these type of people.

  • jack tataw

    i love every thing about this.

  • jack tataw

    My ears have head,my eyes have seen and my whole being wants to be part of it.

  • Sheldon

    The thing is without the Holy Spirit The Bible Seems to Be confusing and you are un able to match what the bible says to your life.. Jesus Said Only if you have been Baptized with Water shall you Enter the kingdom of Heaven ? If You Want to Understand the Bible and actually see the Truth there is in the Bible you need to make a covenant with Jesus and Get Baptized with water …. In Doing so you die to self and live for our King , Trust me he is more real than you think , were we are now on earth is a dream When you are with Christ you are awake and he will show you things of this world that will make you sick ,… I have seen Demons I have seen How they operate .. Why would you choose to be tormented for the rest of you life in your thoughts when you can be at peace with your soul … Illuminati yes they have money and yes they have power ? but remember from the beginning of Time Satan Told Eve She can become enlightened and become like God?
    They Believe that we ourselves can ascend and become Christ like … truth is that is true ? But Remember that its all on you then weather you make it to heaven with your riches or the power Satan Grants you on earth will never go beyond your life time … Yes you ascend yes you get power over demons ? yes you get rich … But is that alll worth the torment that will come ? When you Have Jesus we become God Like anyway except we trust in Him to do all the things that the ilumanati would like to do by themselves ….

    As it Is Said From The dust Where You Were Made !
    To The Dust You Shall Return

    Turn Now And Surrender there is only one King! And There is only one way to live eternally , And that is in His Kingdom …

    If you think you are going to heaven think again out of 400 000 people God Only Choose to safe 400 on the ark ..

    Glory To My King Jesus as I know where peace is .. If you know him you will know what peace feels like to be at peace with your life , your money , and things to come … learn to know him and your eyes will be opened … Get Baptized in Water By the Holt Spirit and the knowledge of the Bible and Its Great secrets will be opened to you .

    If Your strugeling in your life know this ..

    Jesus said “I am the way , the truth , and the light , No ONE will get to the father but through me ?
    There is your answer …

    “Love my Son As I Have Loved Him And I will Love You Just As Much As i Have Loved Him ” -Our Heavenly Father

  • christy richardson

    How can you be sure the religion you pick is Right only one is I’m thinking… and u will be punished for not picking the right one perpressure also plays a part family wise. What if we pick the wrong one what if the evil is so clever into making us think one or the other Bible is to reel u in remember Satan is very clever and can enter any one while we are calling for help who is there he is. My conclusion we are in hell that’s why God is called on sometimes and satan. Is closer to here us even at a single thought….

  • sethlincolnholtwick

    the person is correct he made his way he diseaved everyone and now seth cant help without help who’s side will you chose the Lside or the SETHside a decenedent 0of god.fear only of giving in to the lusifurs nasty breath.i wont ever make a fu.

  • romeel

    this is creapy



  • rt

    A lot of you need to learn how to write. God Jesus and the devil are stories people wrote to scare people into living a better life sorry.

  • Rueben Soto

    Shouldn’t we all be thanking snake (devil) for setting us free and the ability to think for ourselves and If it wasn’t for him, we all would still be Gods little pets

  • william kuasie

    Enough of this crap. God’s bible is the roadmap to eternity for christians. Devils bible is likewise the road to hell for atheists. Put simply ain’t no big deal. You choose your own destiny.

  • marina.iramu

    I believe in God nd know that he exist…
    It is becos of God that we still live n breath in this presant times. His love for us is unconditional. God gave us wisdom knowledge nd understand. God is a very holy rightous nd spiritual being.
    to those unbelievers ateist nd those who think they know mo den God, they a demn wrong.
    They are like a group of senseless filty pigs waitin to be roast in the deepst pits of hell for ever…

  • Anon

    All for one, one from all

  • Thaddeus Kaudo

    I personaly believe in God and the Bible.even though from what i hear and read,there soud to be alot of confusion world allover,for people worship God they don’t now and probably never will.God made heaven and hell to shave his own interest.recollect,no one can know the mind of God.for he gave us the bible so that we can read and make achoice,whether to believe or not.for believers he promises heaven and hell to the rest.’Have you ever asked yo

  • Daiz

    The devil’s bible? I feel so sorry for the lost and the confused. In rebellion against God, the devil’s priority is to get as many souls into hell fast with fast techniques, so his aim is to destroy every man, which is God’s first beloved creation. Satan doesn’t need to write another bible- it’s a waste of time for him. As a matter of fact, why didn’t satan write his Bible during the biblical days but instead he set out trying to destroy the biblical believers & writers? Satan doesn’t write, he takes action. That’s why the world is in chaos!!

  • truth

    There is only one true religion thats the one you have not the one thats labeled but the one that lives in your being giving you morals and judgement of whats write and wrong. Now here god created the devil yeah that means god has a devil in him that old saying like father like son god is both sides of the coin. I am the Alfa and omega understand that. Then put down your story books and look to yourself for the true answer

  • chemutai

    oh my God how people have been misled.The truth is that God exists and does the devil but y do people like devils things.Brethren trust in God and you never fall into sin.The devil knows that his day is approaching thats y he is deciving many to follow him.Pliz pray to God to forgive you & this wicked generation to come to repentence coz the days are evil
    God bles you as you change your mind to following Christ Jesus.

  • His Kingdom will have no end

    Okay I never thought Id come across this.
    But since I have, Id like to start with I love god.
    If I ever got killed for loving him Id be happy still.
    He created everyone even the devil.
    I agree that this book is not real.
    Simply the fact that the real devil book was written in blood and human skin.
    If the guy traded his soul to make this book I honestly feel sorry for him, Firstly its just a book and secondly its not the real one.
    I also would like to add that not one of us can truely be the judge of who goes to heaven or hell. We shouldn’t judge each other for our own opinions especially the christian’s on here.
    Its also most fact that god and devil are real.
    It’s also another fact that the devil choose this path.
    I’m sure god knew that by that fruit that was endured things would go down hill.
    Literally the devil fell from the sky he is now probably on earth, all our suffering are no doubt from him.
    The reason the devil is still alive and not terminated is obvious! He needed to be so that the other fallen had a place to go for there sins.
    There’s Heaven and a Hell.
    Rather we believe or not is not relevant.
    One would hope that we all choose wisely.
    That being said there is also an in between , earth and purgatory. Purgatory:(in Roman Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.)

  • tinofara chihambakwe

    i like that .i want to b one of this people but i do have any conection i do no what to do

  • tinofara chihambakwe

    i like that this is real

  • Felix Zara Korayi

    I am very glad to meet on my ways these grate ideas however, Neither I can imagine how God’s wards has an impact on you but what I know I am a born again believer in the name of the Mediator and Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Peter Mathebula


  • Tumwesigye

    the fact remains that; heaven is real as well as hell therefore JESUS the living son of G0D died on the cross to save mankind !

  • muronga stannar

    i want to became a member also.

  • The English Student

    Um, yes, to the idiot who is advertising open enrollment to the Illuminati, this message is for you:

    You’re an idiot for many logical reasons, but I will only state a few to save everyone some time:
    1.) The Devil’s Bible is not, in fact, the devils bible. It was only called that because of the image of the devil painted in the book. Alright? The codex gigas has the bible within it, so the fact that you are posting here to try to lure people into your idiotic cult is not only moronic, but humiliating as this is National Geographic, an educational page, not a satanic get-together around a teapot.
    2.) The Illuminati isn’t real, or at least, doesn’t exist today. Whether or not people want to believe that is a whole different story but just know that in order to be a 33rd degree freemason, Illuminati, if you will, you have to be born into it. An exact bloodline of said masonry. So, again, the fact that you are trying to “lure” people into your cult not only shows how moronic you are, but also how much you lack educationally about the above book, as well as the freemasons.

    My suggestion: go read a book. Go read many books. Devote thirty years of your life in which you lock yourself into a dark room lit up by only a few candles and read, read, read! Do not return to the general population until you have read enough to feel comfortable speaking without making yourself look ignorant. The Illuminati is a “secret organization”, not a Walgreens preferred customer card.

  • Dylan Contino

    Why can’t any of you spell?

  • ebere

    Each and everyone will answer for them selves according to their works,I believe the judgement day will come,coz hell is waiting for some1 and heaven is also the same,so I jus say pple let’s choose the right path of God,Satan doesn’t love he is just to desperate to win your soul at an price,pray for wisdom and eyes of an eagle to see beyond

  • Unknown

    As our father of sin is frowned upon most Christians beliefs, i’d like to declare that the nature of My Lord Lucifer isn’t to harm humanity but to watch us grow. The love he feels for humanity is great and powerful. You say god loves you but if he does would he turn down your soul and send you to what they say a fiery pit of eternal flames? Satan accepts all of humanity even those that aren’t liked by the will of god.

  • Preston Bridges

    The stories of the bible were first told throughout many generations. Anyone who played the kids game in school where the first kid is told somethin, and by the time the last kid speaks it is nothing like the first kid was told. Then people started to write it down and it was translated into many languages. Things were changed, dramatized, and misrepresented. we are talking about people who did not understand the world and did the best that they could That’s not to say that there is no substance in the bible but to make it a blueprint for life is not sound. the simple fact is that none of us know for sure! It’s called agnosticism Look into it!!

  • Mike

    There is no Jesus, God or the devil! The earth is our God, it created us and when we die there is nothingness, heaven is a story made up to keep the fear of dying at bay, religion was created to enslave the population, meaning scare us all into believing there is a higher power to empower us to do exactly what the hierarchy wants us to do, to believe in something or someone you’ve never seen is rediculous, I beileve in earth this planet is our God and soon the destructiveness of mankind will cause the earth to wipe out all living organisms we all have our beliefs some of us have an opinion and I cannot believe in something I’ve never seen or witnessed….moral is don’t hold yourself back to God, devil or whatever live your life however you feel like living, good or bad be yourself and live to the full.

  • Tyler

    How can you believe in such foolishness? Where is living proof of heaven or hell, a god or a devil, have you seen, heard, or literally spoke to them? No. Its imaginary. You believe because your scared, you fear death, you fear everything coming to an end, you dont remember anything before you were born because you werent alive so after you die itll be the same. I tried believing for my passed family members that maybe they were in a place called heaven but it just isnt real. Open your eyes quit letting people lead you blindly. Where is your soul located? No doctor has ever performed surgery and found a soul….. must mean it doesn’t exist. If your god is real then how come we had a 12 year old boy die from an annurism in our town it wasn’t that he deserved it your god couldnt heal him because your god doesnt exist. All life begins empty all life will end empty. When you find heaven take a picture of it and god and prove to the world it exists.

  • G. Poonuraj

    I am able to crank this. It is far similar to my dreams

  • Chris

    You can’t say God doesn’t exist because you can’t see him. You can’t see tye wind, but you know it blows!! You can’t see electricity, but you have faith that flipping that switch will turn on the light!! As for this bible being evil… I wasn’t there. I don’t know. I do know this, it contains spells, and according to the word of God, that IS evil. As for the previous poster stating “Satan doesn’t want to harm us, he wants to watch us grow” … Lucifer was cast out of Heaven for REFUSING TO LOVE HUMANS!! Why would he then decide not to want to harm us? He wants you to believe this becauee he is the master of lies and deception. As for the pster stating the stories have changed from the time of happening to the time of documentation… What about the New Testimate? Most of it was written by Jesus’ disciples themselves. I could quote bible verses to support my most of my arguments, but most people still wouldn’t care. This may have been simply a book listing knowledge that existed at the time, including commonly used spells and medicine, we will never know. As for a child passing and you say God wasn’t there. Everything happens for a reason. I am not saying the child deserved it by no means!! Daniel had his son taken from him because he was sinning. God does everything for a reason. I don’t kniw these people so I don’t know why, not that knowing them would allow me to know why they endured such tragedy. However, maybe this was an attempt by God to bring forth believers. One thing I can say for sure is this… When we die, what ever our judgement is, we will know then why the things we endured were necessary!!

    Miracles… Proof… It happens EVERYDAY!! Just because it happens by knowledge bestowed upon man by God, doesn’t mean it isn’t a divine intervention. If you had a disease for which there was no cure, and you were doomed to a slow death, but I gave you a shot to cure this disease… Would that, by definition, not be a miracle? 100 years ago, there was no cure or promising treatment for TB. 60 years ago people were dying from the Flu. Now TB has almost been eleminated. Thee Flu is almost as benign as a cold. Miracles happen every day, we just refuse to see them. Ye of little faith, why do you doubt?!?

  • Promile

    Even the devil knows that GOD is hiz Superior, but he just want to try all he can inorder to mislead those that are already doomed for hell with him……the devil knws his tym hz already expired, nd he equally knws he is so powerless to the extend we the Christains Overcame im by d Blood of JESUS & d wrds of Our testimonies…….the devil knws The name JESUS Is Greater & higher than evryOder name or anything…..the bible says he is the father of all liars,(devil) So anything he does or says online Isn’t tru, it’s only a trick to decieve those that are still Ignorant of Whom the Gr8 CREATOR HIZ……..Well, i’v no tym to waste here, 4 I’m truly sure that anything pertaining to Or Concerning Satan Isn’t real at all bcus he’s a Deciever. Thnks, JESUS Luvs u all…!!!

  • Rex Rickre’

    +The English Stupid. For someone that has the nerve to write and post to others they do not know what they are talking about, should stop, look, & listen. The claim that there is no such thing as the Illuminati. Where have you been? There is even a posting on here to join them. Also I personally know a member. If I were you, I would not take any more classes. It appears, there is too much on your plate.

  • Kal-Stone

    This is moreorless commiting suicide. We are created by the Great Creator who created the Devil for a purpose which is to serve him (Creator) not to serve any of his creations. If you want to join Devil, just kill yourself and meet him in hell. Hope you’ll enjoy the boiling hunger of God the Creator.

  • division powerleveling

    Especially instructive, look ahead to coming back again

  • Barney

    i myself was once in limbo, a few years back my friend a good friend in which i did not speak to in a long time, he gave up and killed his self now with in the last month i started to get in touch with my inner self so far that he started to contact me in my mind and he started to take over a bit but luckily i have a strong mind and kept my self from crossing over by doing everything right in my head at least but also had a enough spirit to let my mind go free to him, you see this all started when i saw the grim outside of my house at the other side of the window at first i thought it was an alien but now i know exactly what it was this was a few months prior my experience, you see i have a very good soul and spirit and mind and of coarse a good heart. As he started taking over my mind i started to think dark but i always managed to keep the balance and that was the way it had to be i am in limbo, he was very much in my head at this point to the point where my head was telling me that i would have and he was saying that i had to climb up this tree about 4,5 metres above the grand and he was telling jump and i was telling myself to jump, so i dive head first with my arms by my sides, in my head i heard crack in many places in my spine and shoulders, i am now my hell and his heaven but still on this earth i could see my self in my head in a hospital bed with family and friends stand around me i was in a coma. I get up from underneath the tree i stand i am okay i walk, i am still in hell i take of my clothes from apart from my trousers, i am barefoot in my head i am jesus in hell, i think to my self and i hear a voice it is my friend, and my brothers dad he was helping me in a way, i tell my self that i must go to the hospital which is left along the road i walk towards it but there was another signal in my head telling me that i most go home , a car to be honest a police car stops me i have no shoes or socks or shirt on, they ask what am i doing i tell them i just tried to kill my self i ask them if they can drive me home which the do thanks to god, i get back home and they advise me i should go to the hospital, they leave i have a shower and then my mum i am 18 by the way, then she drive me to the hospital i see the bed that i saw my self in they take me for a ct scan and i am absolutely fine i feel wrecked i sleep their for 1 day, i wake up i am still in hell, i right down all my sins as in a confession i am now free to walk the earth healthy again it was a miracle, i have freed my friend from limbo i can now live again. i had enough faith on what i was doing was right that i lived and walked again i was not unconscious after the jump, i was just in hell but i was also on this earth i was possessed but i freed the demon which saved my life, he is now in heaven not his run of my hell, i am good, one in a lifetime experience will never forget it. after getting out of the hospital i walk home from the main road 2 miles from my house i had a ring of blue sky and all around it was clouds i had a halo it followed me all the way home then i told my sister that i freed my friend from limbo and then all the clouds cleared away from the halo i am now free… their is alot of in between details but that is it in a nutshell

  • The Truth

    For you guys who don’t believe. Listen, the average guy just was to be around “Real” people, people who they could intrust there lives to. Ever heard the saying “keep your grass cut short to see the snakes”. That’s literally what God is doing testing us. Scratch that testing our belief and trust. What way is better than to tell you what you absolutely NEED to know and trusting that you had the will to trust him. If your kid died (god bless there soul) God maybe testing you or someone else. Plus it should be a honour to be tested in a obvious way as such. The devil is in fact the king of lies and deceit and in turn attempt to lie and deceive you in whatever way possible. Rather that’s killing a love on causing cancer etc. Etc. It’s up to you to notice it and trust that God is gonna guide you. This actually happened in the bible to I believe Job I can’t remember the verse but y’all won’t care nor look it up so, imma give the comment box a break PEACE!!!!!!

  • Eyes

    The many rings of the mind control circus. Check into many different sources regarding the subject of mind control and fallacies. I was once a believer of many different things but through that, I never fully knew who I was nor anyone else around me. I won’t fight with you about it nor judge or put you down, I am merely asking you to look up the subject of mind control and fallacies….more than one source. We are smart and we are strong….every singles one of us…..I once read about during a study on mind control a baby monkey was taken from its mother at birth and given a cloth of some sort. After its feedings it was given the cloth. The cloth then became the baby monkeys primary source of comfort and protection. After a while two adult monkeys were placed in the cage along with the baby monkey and the cloth. After a second period of time the researchers went in the cage to see what the baby monkeys response to danger would be. When they went in to threaten the baby monkeys life, it ran to the cloth for protection instead of the two adult monkeys whereas the baby would have had a better form of protection…..think about that. Don’t let anyone tell you what to believe because you will wake up and see the bigger picture. It’s ok to be angry, I was too and even in tears, not to mention the scary feeling of something familiar or something I had experienced before. If your ever wondering why history repeats itself is because we have allowed it too. This time we change it!

  • Jenna L

    The Truth is telling the truth

  • Aarish

    Devil.. O yes he exist.
    Leave heavens and hell aside, consider a game that started with two competitors, that is, the God and the Devil. Therefore, there can be just two teams; we just need to decide which side we are on. Either positive or negative, either righteous or devilish, either good or bad.
    The game begun a long time before us. Both wanted to be praised. God said praise me for I am the one worthy of praise above all, and don’t hurt each other. It was an easy task to live in harmony with our fellow species, save other animals. The Devil, however, sworn to astray us till the end of the world. Just because Allah, the God made us, humans, His vicegrant on earth, the Devil rose against his own Creator for the devil was made up of fire which was superior to mud humans were made from.
    Anyways, the game continued. Stages after stages, teams after teams. Initially the number of players were less as compared to the contemporary stage where we inhabit this earth so abundantly. Now, devil is even more experienced as compared to old times. Now he has tools , technology and experience with humans so enormous. He knows how to turn us on. But still, he is not stronger.
    All Lucifer or his disciples can do is putting suggestions about the evils in our mind. It may be through a friend or a foe or a scurvy guy on television. In turn, some amomgst us follow while others don’t. So, at the end of the day, the ill behaviours so induced become our bad nature and vice versa the good nature. Remember, unless we believe in Allah and do no wrong with others, we will surely win this game. Wrong include, among others, malice, enmity, lust, hatered, anger, ego, ed, rancor, repent and all other obvious.
    Rules apply. Neither Allah, the God nor the Devil can show themselves. So.. the devil used a landmark manifestation. His biggest trick. His highest wit.
    That is, “I DO NOT EXIST”. For to believe in either God or Devil in itself affirms the presence of other.

    Close your eyes. Imagine your heart, beating. Clean it, rinse it, meditate. Now forgive everyone who had done any wrong with you for God loves all equally and ask for forgiveness of your sins for if u forgive his beloveds he will love u even more. Now, clean all negative emotions and without uttering a single word, say three times Allah, Allah, Allah, in your heart. Imagine as if your heartbeat says that. Allah is God’s personal name. Its magical. Don’t open your eyes, because now you are most closest to your God. Don’t open them until you pray before the Leader of the house of truth, Allah, the God. Ask for anything. Ask for everything. Do it more often when u feel depressed or dejected.

    Trust me, u can see Allah, with even closed eyes provided you are drenched in His true love while going through this meditation. Just 2 minutes of your time. Try it. Well wishes for you. Stay blessed.

  • Star Shine

    If you forgive then you clear up the account; and you do not need to pay any price for that since everyone has power to forgive without depending on a payment of price. Therefore remission has nothing to do with sacrifices, offerings and gifts as payment required for any benefits. Will all men be saved because of a price paid?

  • Dottie Bowman

    God gave his only son to us knowing we would kill him to save are souls he does love us what has the devil done for us nothing so I will die for god and live forever in his name amen. Remember the devil is the king of lies

  • Izar Ulaandorj

    Who would have guessed that there would be more crazy people in the comment section of a NatGeo article than in the typical comment section on a youtube conspiracy video.

  • Johne383

    Great, thanks for sharing this blog.Really thank you! degbeekedfaf

  • Nyekha


  • Both God and Satan are cunts…….if they were real

    Well a human wrote the book in the first place. I’m really not too invested into these sorts of things but it just seems like a way to “control the masses” for the era of which it was written in. Either way, Lucifer was probably under going selective pressures during this period. I mean, what being can possibly evolve into such a horny devil.

  • Alex Cruz

    I thought the subject was cool.

  • Prince Benedict Ahanonu

    First, I want to thank National Geographic for the good work. Let me now state categorically for those that don’t know; Almighty and everlasting God, whom I love and worship, didn’t create Satan or Devil so there is no nature of Devil in Him. The great I AM, created Lucifer, a cherub, who turned himself into Satan and was cast out of heaven with the legion of angels he could lead into rebellion against the only GOD. It must also be stated that Satan, Does Not Love. He is the prime hater of humanity and that was why he laboured to lure the impressionable Eve into sin and brought death upon man. Love Is Not in Satan. Only God is LOVE and for this reason,He sent His only begotten Son to come and die for the sin of this world. The work of salvation was finished on the Cross of Calvary when Jesus said “It is finished.” Today, He sits on the throne with a name above all names, that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow. The name is stronger and higher than any principality and power. Jesus is LORD. Repent Now!

  • gilbert

    please teach me how to see a bible ^_^

  • Lewis

    I think anyone that thinks religion has any substance Is deluded. The bible was written originally as a law book to help control the masses. After that a few more people got created and added in there ludacris stories to make it more interesting so people actually want to read it.

    Be your own person not a sheep and just do you.. don’t live your life for someone or something else


    want me to post the Epicurean paradox here just to stop your ranting about faith? about good and evil? about the god and the devil? Email me and i’ll slap facts on your face. and those who are saying “kill yourself and join satan in hell, i am more righteous because i believe in god” what difference do we have then? gonna keep your eyes shut? and your mind close? wow.

  • Thomasena Creasman

    My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was entirelyright. This post actually made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent forthis info! Thanks!


    If this supposingly contains both the old and new testaments, than does it contain all the books, or just part of the ones the Roman Church lets us read?

  • Kimberly Bender

    People who says there is nI God or Jesus or they don’t believe .. The n they are lying to themself because they are trying to convince them self there isnt or try to deceive us there’s not but why are u looking or commenting if u really don’t believe .
    Apparently reading this and commenting apparently ur looking for answers and don’t want accept or scared accept but u and all knows if u don’t believe then u wouldn’t be wasting time to read or comment .. So grow up people and stop trying to deny God and Jesus



  • Adrio Konig

    I would just like to share something for what I say. Im 1 of a twin. We are 31 years old, what Im going to say Really happined, would even do a polygraph to proof. When we very young, our rooms were next to eachothers. I was looking out of my room lying in my bed, and suddenly something floted in the air, looked like a human bat, in fire past my bedroom straight into my brothers room, and all of a suden my brother started screaming and started parying and called for help. We both saw the same thing, It left passing my room again. How do you explain that?


    Love your Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your your strength and and your mind. The secrets the Lord Jesus Christ have for us is more and more .the blessing word he wants us to practice is more and more

  • Nathan

    The Devil and God are just examples for Evil and Good.
    ” God ” is all things pure and good in this world. The ” Devil ” is the exact opposite. Neither is real. They are just characters made up to teach you right from wrong. As fake as santa clause. Period.

  • Stella Roberson

    I am and I and I and me and my own mind, we are. And all of us are. Dad is and dad is and mom is and bc they are we are.
    I and I and my own mind


    I really dont think this thing, this devi’s bible thing is real
    My Guys, its fake fore real. We only have one Bible ,which is the real WORD OF GOD..AMEN

  • Amanda Wait

    Jesus is Lord! Jesus is the Word of God who was God who became flesh! Amen. Satan is under our feet thanks to our risen Lord Jesus Christ. Halleluyah! Satan mimicks everything about God, now he even supposedly has his own “bible”. Ha!
    How can a house be divided against itself? It will not stand. How can the devil cast out demons? What a joke.

    Jesus said in Mark 3:25-27 in the New Testament in the Bible, God’s word:
    “And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
    And if Satan has risen up against himself, and is divided, he cannot stand, but has an end.
    No one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. And then he will plunder his house.”

    Satan is real, make no mistake about that. His favourite lie that he wants you to believe is that he does not exist, because he does not want you to believe that God exists.
    God loves you and proved His love for you by sending His Son to die on a cross for your sins and take your punishment that you and I deserved for our wicked ways. Believe it, God is love. His Spirit dwells in us as Christians. He changes your heart, your mind, your way of thinking. He makes you a new man, born of the Spirit. Jesus said you must be born again (of the Spirit) or else you will not enter heaven. Believe in Jesus as Lord and He promises you eternal life! 🙂 God bless all who read here in the Name above all names, JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, the only begotten Son of the living God, our King, the Saviour of the whole world whom He loves very much. ♥†♥

    The devil in that supposed “bible” of his looks like a troll. Uh huh!

  • Reader of books

    It’s funny to see all the quotes from the Bible from people who have not read any of the many so called works of God written by man. God’s words that some how people thought needed to be edited and huge books worth of information left out. I would think if it’s gods words it would have probably been a final draft but hey. Anyway it’s clearly not the devil’s bible, why would iblis want humans to know how to defeat evil?

  • ruth jane

    It’s all about what you believe.There’s nothing more powerful than faith. We all just choose what to believe in and that’s it.So the difference between satan and God is just whom between the two you choose to believe in.Either you follow the right or wrong other stories are just but examples period.

  • Darrin sazue

    God an the devil both powerful but god an Jesus are stronger why is that because Jesus did just did for our sins an life but to show us salvation the truth is pain in a why of understanding each other people that don’t understand true pain can never understand true peace we as human fight an star wars an trY to finish them but tell me what do we get from war notheing but pain an more suffering of we can understand our self an out purpose he has for us what’s the point of trying to save people an tell people of you can’t see the truth for your selfs

  • Codexsinaiticus

    All you of little understanding , i dont blame thee . For threw the years the translations of the “BIBLE” Has unfortunetly corrupted the most important . And also removed the most important books for which the enemy (satan ,lucifer) does not want you to know such as the “epistle of Barnabas” (the real one) ,the shepeherd of hermas.. and the most important one was didache(teachings of the twelve) (the real unedited version) . So let me please assist all of you as disciple of Yahweh Our father and Yeshua our lord christ. Lucifer was not an angel in heaven like the modern churches would depict but one of the sons of God , and was righteous just as christ but not for long . The father took alot of his arrogance until he said that he’ll build his kingdom higher than THe Most High. Amd that when The father had him cast out. But he come down with all his powers and authorities . But has been limited by God . Not only to use him to bring righteousness to us but also that we might brings insight to him (the devil , which God loves too much to send him to hell or to wipe him from excistence. Angels were made to be workers of God and doesnt have the ability to rebel against God for they were not granted with the gift of free will. And can only do what God our Father or he’s Sons (Christ and Lucifer/Samael) command them to do. For i ask you all that has understanding which means that the holy spirit resides in the you . If lucifer was indeed an angel and angel therefor had free will ,then why is he not called a demon like all the rest and why would any angel obey him if they were equal? My loved ones that im compelled to love more than myself .please do not take any interest in anything involving the evil one for he is trully the father of all lies . For those of you who also follow me in discipleship . Be patient and the mysteries of all the heavens will be revealed. All are children of God . But for those who think i have lunacy and that im “a crazy person” …. google search “the hat man ” and take look at how the devil really looks ,but never fear him cuz then he is powerless. fear=doubt=lack of faith . But those who are righteuos and understands, do not seek what i have exposed . I beg of thee ,unless your willing to follow as disciples . GOD Bless all of you . For all you are curious and luckily already follow the righteous . The devil is a worthy foe . But can easily be rebuked by calling on GOD .love you all


    I conpletey agree with earth angel aswell as codex sinaiticus . All the chosen discples know the truth . For our Father makes it known to us. For i also battled the devil on a daily basis . For his demons are easy to cast out but satan is truelly evil and the link that codexsinaiticus is unfortunately the sad truth. But never ever be scared . Greater is he within you than him in th3 world . HAIL Christ !The offspring of david . But earth angel and codex… and fellow disciples asswell as believers . This isnt our place to defend Our Father . For remember theyre made blind and deaf to the thruth, greatness and holiness of God . Last thing for those who dont believe….. Repent, for the kingdom om the heavens are at hand.

  • John Robert

    John Robert is my name I am an assigned agent of the Illuminati. My aim here is to let the world know the truth about the illuminati and the new world order. If you want to be wealthy, protected, successful in life and if you want to contribute to bringing the new world order where all will leave in peace and then have a say in the economy, banking industries, government decision, or what have you. We implore you to join us the ILLUMINATI today and be part of this new world order, and also become wealthy never to go poor again in your life time. I will give you the illuminati contact details you are to contact directly to become a member. Please note that becoming a member of the illuminati is totally free of charge you don’t pay a dine to become a member of the hood and again we see so many scams on the internet, people saying you should contact them on various gmails and yahoo mails and what have you. Please anyone who says you should contact a gmail or a yahoo mail in order to become a member of the illuminati is a big fake and a scammer. The illuminati is an organization though secret and as you all know an organization must have a website and must have an official email and not a gmail or yahoo mail or other mail services. please the real illuminati official email is and the real illuminati website is and their official phone number is +1(917) 791-0923. So if you want to become a member, you can either apply directly from the official website click on and then click on ‘JOIN THE ILLUMINATI’ on the website and fill out the application form there, after that, the illuminati will get back to you and let you know what you are to do to become a member, or you can call or text the illuminati official number on +1(917) 791-0923. the benefits of becoming a member is very enormous and includes a cash amount of $2,000,000.00 at induction etc. join us now, and have a safe and secured future. BE ILLUMINATI, BE NEW WORLD ORDER.

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