Crown of the Continent

We were checking out the guide for Crown of the Continent, a region spanning the U.S.-Canada border and surrounding Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park in southwestern Alberta, southeastern British Columbia, and northwestern Montana. The site’s a compendium of the best parks and wilderness areas, hiking and skiing trails, restaurants, lodges, festivals, and more, with native perspectives and info on history, culture, wildlife, and the environment woven in. I like it!

You can order a free printed map of the region—with highlights based on the community’s contributions—right from the site. You can also rate and comment on the places you visit yourself and suggest new ones for the map.

My friends at Intelligent Travel blogged the site awhile ago, and turned up some potentially epic experiences such as the Bellevue Underground Mine Tour and active dino digs you can join at the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center. Get the whole scoop here.

Know a place I should visit when I get to your neck of the woods? Don’t keep it a secret—post about it!

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