Watching the Skies


Ducks may like the weather forecast, but for the rest of us,

it’s been a topic of conversation since BioBlitz setup began. The National

Weather Service is calling for a mix of heavy rain and thunderstorms Friday

afternoon and into the night, wrapping up early Saturday. It’s enough to make

biodiversity-minded ‘Blitzers start building an ark!


Even with clear, blue skies on Thursday, counties

surrounding the Indiana Dunes were under a flood warning. Torrential rains and

thunderstorms the night before had knocked out power, submerged the popular

Miller Woods Trail in the western portion of the park, and bent one of the long

metal tent poles propping up the scientists’ tent. Thursday afternoon, a jackhammer-toting

team bolted down the tents to keep them from blowing away if things get



Top: Yesterday afternoon, the Miller Woods Trail resembled

the marsh it usually circumnavigates. Middle: A tent pole at Base Camp bent in

overnight storms. Bottom: Bolting down the tents.

Photographs by Ford Cochran