Rule Number One


I’m gearing up for a National Geographic Expeditions Weekend Photography Workshop that begins tonight, and asked my good friend and fellow staffer Tim Greenleaf (who manages the Nat Geo Expeditions website) if I could borrow some equipment. He obliged—thanks Tim! When I stopped by his office this morning to pick it up, he asked if I’d seen this photo he shot in view of Mount Kilimanjaro during a visit to Kenya‘s Amboseli National Park.

“Photography rule number one,” he admonished. “Don’t forget to look behind you!”

In fairness, Tim noted that the photographer and videographer above might have been filming, say, Amboseli’s deeply endangered lions rather than the elephants. But still.

Amboseli’s elephants are newly threatened, unfortunately, by ivory-seeking poachers using poison arrows to evade detection. Read about it here, or learn more about the plight of Amboseli’s lions here—and do something about it here.

Photograph by Tim Greenleaf