Frontiers of Exploration

More highlights from the 2009 Explorers Symposium:

  • NGS/Waitt Grant recipient Albert Lin described the source of his passion for exploration and culture, spending “every penny I had” exploring the world’s cultural heritage, and his new commitment to protect a region in Mongolia that has been held sacred for eight centuries.

  • Committee for Research and Exploration and NGS/Waitt Grant recipient Robert Pitman shared stories of spy-hopping killer whales and hapless seals.

  • NGS/Waitt Grant recipient Sam Meacham described a submerged cave system in the Yucatan that is now the seventh-longest known on the planet.
  • Emerging Explorer Malik Marjan‘s chance encounter with NG Explorer-in-Residence Mike Fay led to the documentation of what may be Earth’s largest seasonal animal migration.