Whitewashing… Roofs, That Is

There has been a lot of talk lately about whitewashing. (See Monday’s post on the benefits of white roofs.) Federal energy leaders are advocating for reflective rooftop coatings, and several of the Green Effect entries we received during the contest suggest there is already a ground swell for the idea at the local level:

• From Houston, Texas: Paint the Town White. ” Some people believe that nuclear power is the answer to climate change, others have proposed green technologies such as wind or solar power, but I believe in something far more simple–painting your roof white!”

• From Amarillo, Texas: Up On The Rooftop. “By painting rooftops silver/white in an entire town it may be possible to ‘replace’ some ice loss, reflecting solar energy back into the atmosphere. … I’d recruit city and business leaders to get on board and launch a campaign letting folks know how they could take this simple step themselves to save money on energy and help the environment — and be the first metro area to try it!”

• From Ohio: Dark Mass into White Mass; Lighten Up and Cool Down!

• And more ideas: Project White Roof, The Whiteboard, Rooftop Reflections.

Check out the Department of Energy’s list of Energy Star rated reflective roof material and start a whitewashing movement in your neighborhood!

–Tasha Eichenseher

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