The Pirates Cove

Posted by Avi Klapfer, Undersea Hunter Group

Through the years, many visitors to Cocos Island have carved their names into large stones on the beach at Chatham Bay. Here’s something unusual, two dots and two arrows. Who do you think made these peculiar engravings on the rock?

Pirates. Absolutely. Somebody was here many years ago, standing here at this stone on Chatham Bay. He carved these markings. He’s long dead by now. They probably took the treasure, buried it at the next cove, and left other markings on a rock there for someone to decipher.

We don’t know exactly where it’s pointed, but it looks like the headland over there and Manuelita Island. And in fact, several decades ago people found an actual treasure chest in a cave on Manuelita that’s only exposed at low tide. The chest was hanging on a chain in the back of the cave. People have spent lifetimes searching for the pirate treasures thought to be buried here at Cocos, but that’s the only chest found yet that I’m  aware of.

Chatham Bay would be one of the best places to land if you were carrying a heavy load. The problem with this island, though, is that it’s  ever-changing. When you ride around it in a boat, you see so many landslides. The landscape is constantly evolving. You hide a treasure on Cocos Island, and then the island hides it from you.

There was a big rock near here that also had markings for treasure. It eluded people for many years, until they dug under the rock and found letters and names that were written upside down. They figured out that the rock had actually rolled downhill, and they were following the wrong clue.

Now, of course, we know where the real treasure is at Cocos Island. It’s under the water, and we find it every time we come here.

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