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Take a Trip: NatGeo Ranks Sustainable Travel Hotspots

places.jpgGeographic Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations and National Geographic Traveler magazine have teamed up again this year to rate the world’s most popular destinations on environmental and ecological quality, social and cultural integrity and outlook for the future, among several other categories.

The big winner this year is Norway’s fjord region, which topped the chart five years ago and increased its score this year.  The remainder of the top five rankings (including ties) are sites in Canada, New Zealand, Japan, the United States, Slovenia, Australia, and Spain.

Among the worst-rated were locations in St. Maarten/St. Martin, Mexico, the Bahamas and West Bank.  Spain‘s Costa del Sol received the worst ranking out of the 133 sites ranked.

The rankings were judged by 437 well-traveled experts specializing in different areas of sustainable tourism.  Categories include Best-Rated Places, Places Doing Well, Places in the Balance, Places in Trouble, and Worst-rated.

You can read more about the destinations, their rankings, and why they received the ranking at Traveler magazine’s website.

See a photo gallery of some of the destinations at National Geographic News.

You can also learn how to travel greener with the Green Guide‘s Travel and Transportation section.

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  • JerryChan

    I just spent some time going through these photos of the hot vacation spots and I have to say I can see why Norways Fjord Region is number one. Those mountains are just breathtaking and I wish that one day I can make it over there for a week or two so I can witness such beauty. I have already been to many of the places that were in the top 50 such as the Bahamas and Vermont, but now my next destination is going to be Norway, although I will have to save up a little more money for this trip 🙂

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  • Munnu

    With NatGeo coming out with the ranking for the best destinations, keeping in mind what the traveler has in mind like environment, eco tourism and other preferences, I don’t think we need a second opinion on the matter! With 133 destinations to choose from, I don’t think anyone will have difficulty to make up their minds! With the best and worst of the destinations, it will definitely come in useful to make our plans for this holiday!!My Trip advise would be dont forget about your travel insurance while you are going for holidays!

  • leo12

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  • leo12

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  • leo12

    The west coast of Norway had been frequently visited for centuries, starting when Bergen became an important port for the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages. The merchants in those days were mostly just interested in business and it wasn’t until the 19th century that visitors to the west coast started venturing inland and discovered the fjords. Gradually, the fjord region became more and more popular and the British were particularly keen on traveling across the North Sea to enjoy this unique environment.

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  • SheilaS

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    Well hurry up people ,if you wanna see Hardanger Fjord for it’s real beauti.
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