Artist in Candyland

skittles-banff.jpgPhotograph by Jeronimo Hagerman

National Geographic’s biggest fan here at Banff, Jim Olver, gave us a tour of the Banff Centre yesterday and introduced us to the Leighton Artists’ Colony, which Banff supports in addition to the Mountain Films.

jim-jill-jeronimo.jpgPhotograph by Amy Bucci

Jim Olver, Jill Sawyer and Jeronimo Hagerman look over Jeronimo’s latest photos.

The colony consists of nine studios designed by well-known Canadian architects to offer an inspiring, pleasant, and safe space for resident artists working on new projects. In particular, we were there to visit artist Jeronimo Hagerman.

Animation by Jeronimo Hagerman

Jeronimo’s works play with the relationship between the individual and “nature”, emphasizing on how the emotional ties between the subject and the outside world are generated. Jeronimo says he likes to show the beauty that can occur when humans’ artificial objects, such as candy, are combined with mountains, forests, gardens, and more.

licorice-banff.jpgPhotograph by Jeronimo Hagerman

In addition to his love of plants, Jeronimo’s art also reflects his adoration of circles, geometry, and color.

In an exhibit in Casa Vecina Gallery, Mexico, Malas Madres (or Evil Mothers), for the plants’

“tendency to throw away their babies.” Adding to the fun, says Jeronimo, the exhibit’s pulley system sounded like birds whenever the plants moved.

malasmadresflatt.jpgPhotograph by Jeronimo Hagerman

Learn more about the artists’ colony, Jeronimo Hagerman, and get ready for the Banff film tour in Washington, DC February 2-6, 2009!


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