Chicken Soup for the Mind: Home Zone


Families wait hours to get free H1N1 flu vaccinations for their children outside Virginia’s Fairfax County Government Center.

The H1N1/swine flu outbreak has prompted officials to close hundreds of schools across the United States and left thousands of kids and teens (both sick and well) stranded at home. The U.S. Department of Education has recommended that schools and parents help students continue learning while they’re home, and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called on educational publishers to support the effort.


National Geographic has responded with Home Zone—two hours of programming each weekday plus streaming programs online from the National Geographic Channel, with companion activity guides from National Geographic School Publishing.

Home Zone programs include television specials and episodes from popular NatGeo series, including Explorer, Naked Science, and Wild Spaces. Instructional resources span a mix of grades from early elementary through high school, and cover science, social studies, and other disciplines. Topics range from the Grand Canyon, the oceans, the Poles, and Mars to pirates, extinctions, Chinese mummies, solar and hydropower, Alexander the Great, and more.

The weekday programming begins at 11 a.m. Eastern Time, 8 a.m. Pacific through December 25th. Find shows and curriculum guides on the Home Zone website and in the National Geographic Channel’s streaming video library.

Photographs by Ford Cochran