Hubble Holiday Cards

Looking for a truly geeked-out way to spread holiday cheer? Hubble’s got your back.

The space telescope’s imaging team combined some of Hubble’s prettiest pictures with seasonal designs to create “messages of joy and peace … illuminated by the natural splendor of the universe.”

Check it:


Featuring supernova remnant 1006

  • 6,850 light-years away
  • Picture combines 7.5 hours of exposure time between February 2006 and April 2008


Featuring “trees” made of the massive globular cluster Omega Centauri


Featuring Mars in 2003, making its closest approach to Earth in almost 60,000 years

  • 35 million miles (56 million kilometers) away
  • Picture also taken by the WFPC2


Featuring a bevy of nebulae, plus Mars (bottom left), a bow shock around a young star (center back), and a galactic heart (top right)

And there’s lots more to chose from. According to the online instructions, you can download your selected file size and print the cards out at home, or send the images to an online photo lab/take the files to a store for a more professional product.

Seriously, I am kicking myself that I didn’t see this sooner. Normally I am not a card-sender, but clever ideas like this make me reconsider. I know I’d be gleeful as a polar elf to get one of these little pieces of the cosmos in the mail.

Well, I can always start printing a collection for next year! Happy Holidays!

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