They’re playing our song–Gospel-style

By Boyd Matson

Frequently when I leave my radio studio I found myself humming our song, the familiar National Geographic theme. It’s contagious because it gets in your head. You can’t get it out of there.

You may have had that happen with a pop tune. Frequently it’s because the song is so annoying. It’s just stuck there, going over and over like a loop, and you think, “how can I get that out of my head.”

Fast Company recently did a survey of the most contagious sounds. They call it the ten most addictive sounds in all the world. Some of them are commercials, some natural sounds. See the list below.

No. 1 on the list of the most contagious sounds was a baby’s giggle. No. 2 was a commercial sound, the Intel theme.

No. 5 on the Fast Company magazine list of the ten most addictive sounds in the whole world is the National Geographic theme.

Here at National Geographic Weekend we’ve taken that theme and tried to change it up a little by getting some of our musician friends to record a variety of versions. You can hear some of those on our radio show, if you tune in to National Geographic Weekend.

In this video I will give you a little sample of what the Gospel version sounds like, recorded by the band Open Hands:



Non-branded and branded sounds:
1. Baby giggle
2. Intel
3. Vibrating phone
4. ATM / cash register
5. National Geographic
6. MTV
7. T-Mobile Ringtone
8. McDonald’s
9. ‘Star Spangled Banner’
10. State Farm

Top 10 Branded sounds:
1. Intel
2. National Geographic
3. MTV
4. T-Mobile
5. McDonald’s
7. State Farm
8. AT&T Ringtone
9. Home Depot
10 Palm Treo Ringtone

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