Remembering Jacques Cousteau


Photo copyright the Cousteau Society

In collaboration with the Cousteau Society and in recognition of the hundredth anniversary of Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s birth on June 11, 2010, National Geographic Fellow and marine ecologist Enric Sala has set sail aboard Cousteau’s ship Alcyone with the legendary marine explorer’s youngest son, Pierre-Yves Cousteau. The expedition is reexamining undersea Mediterranean destinations visited and documented by Jacques Cousteau more than half a century ago. Learn more about the expedition and explore the ocean with National Geographic.

We spent the whole day sailing from Corsica to the Medes Islands in Spain. The sea was calm and most of us used this free time to get rest and sort out photos and videos from Scandola.

Captain Patrice had the wonderful idea of hosting a small ceremony in memory of my father. The Alcyone crew donned its uniforms and we gathered for a short speech and moment of reflection in fond memory of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

Not two minutes later, Frank spotted two lovely dolphins playing in the prow of the Alcyone! I rushed to see them and was struck with their beauty and grace. Soon after we opened two bottles of “Chateau Cousteau,” a red wine made by Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s family near Bordeaux, and gathered around lunch.

We have now just arrived in Medes. Diving resumes tomorrow!


Photo of the Medes Islands by Pierre-Yves Cousteau, copyright the Cousteau Society

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