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Two more rhinos gunned down by poachers in South Africa this week

The slaughter of South Africa’s rhinos continues unchecked. At least two more white rhinos fell under poachers’ guns this week and their horns were removed. As many as 300 rhinos may have been felled in South Africa over the past 20 months. The following account about the latest atrocities is compiled from reports from the...

The slaughter of South Africa’s rhinos continues unchecked. At least two more white rhinos fell under poachers’ guns this week and their horns were removed. As many as 300 rhinos may have been felled in South Africa over the past 20 months. The following account about the latest atrocities is compiled from reports from the South African media, (Beeld) and the Zululand Observer, and a blog post by Rhishja Larson, founder and Program Director of Saving Rhinos LLC.

Two white rhinos were poached for their horns in South Africa this week, according to South African news reports and conservation organizations.

A male white rhino was struck down viciously on Wednesday morning by poachers armed with an AK-47 assault rifle. The bold attack reportedly occurred close to Masinda Camp in the iMfolozi Game Reserve–a place that is world famous for its successful restoration and conservation of the white rhino.

white rhino in imFolozi photo 2.jpg

NGS stock photo of white rhino in imFolozi by Volkmar K. Wentzel

The rhino’s body–with both horns sliced off–was discovered shortly after 9 a.m. by park rangers. Although the rhino was murdered close to staff living quarters, the poachers were not seen or heard, according to the Zululand Observer newspaper.

According to information received from Tim Condon of the Zulu Wildlife eForum, this was the 14th rhino to die at the hands of poachers in South Africa KwaZulu-Natal province this year. He believes this latest atrocity is the work an organized poaching syndicate.


NGS stock photo of white rhino in iMfolozi by Chris Johns

On Wednesday night, a rhino cow was shot dead presumably with an R5 assault rifle near Roedtan in Limpopo province, the newspaper Beeld reported on its website. Her hamstrings and horns were chopped off with an axe.

“This brought the amount of rhino that had been killed by poachers since the beginning of last year to 300. This year, 178 rhinos have already been killed countrywide,” Beeld reported.

These numbers included the poached rhino and the calves that died after the mothers were killed.

Captain Herman Lubbe of the Modimolle police’s cattle theft unit said the cow that had been poached in Roedtan, was 40 years old and her horn was 93cm [3 feet] long, Beeld reported.

The rhino had been shot several times.

“It looked like it could be the work of a professional hunter.”

Faan Coetzee, head of the Rhino Security Project at the Endangered Wildlife Trust said the bull that was poached in KwaZulu-Natal was killed with one shot to the head, Beeld added.

“It looked like it could be the work of a professional hunter,” Beeld added. “The animal’s horns were sawn off with precision. It means the horns were sawn off right at the nose,” said Coetzee.

Anyone with information about the Roedtan case should call Lubbe on 084 515 6925.

Condon has requested that anyone with information about the KwaZulu Natal case please contact him via the Zululand Wildlife eForum on Facebook.

Killing rhinos for traditional ‘medicines’

Use of rhino horn in traditional medicines in China and Vietnam is the greatest threat to rhinos today. The unwavering demand for rhino horn from these two countries is responsible for the escalation of illegally killed rhinos and laundered rhino horns from trophy hunts.

Although scientific analysis has confirmed that rhino horn actually contains no medical properties, persistent cultural myths claim that rhino horn is a “cure” for fever, anxiety, boils–and even “devil possession.”

Posted by David Braun

Rhinos are hunted down orimarily for their horn, which, although made of a substance like finger nails, is thought to have magical powers, But the reality is:

Rhino horn: All myth, no medicine


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NGS stock photo of South African poster by Steve Raymer

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From Stephanie Carrera:

Upon reading your blog entry about rhino poaching, I felt compelled to leave a comment. This is an issue that I feel very passionately about; I have recently completed a large (and slightly gory) painting about rhino poaching. I am in the process of creating a body of works with current wildlife conservation issues as their theme, mainly because I feel that the painting medium can be a great way to raise awareness and give voice to serious issues such as these. However, the problem as an artist who paints wildlife is that the art world really doesn’t want to see it. Curators have told me that animals are just not wanted in the art scene.

“More of us need to harness that anger and shock towards activism–actively doing something about the situation, even if that means something as simple as raising awareness.”

I understand that even Robert Bateman has struggled with this since he began painting animals many years ago. Seeing all the comments from Facebook users responding with anger and outrage, some inappropriately so, I feel that more of us need to harness that anger and shock towards activism–actively doing something about the situation, even if that means something as simple as raising awareness.

Your blog is achieving that purpose. As a painter, I would love to see more artists, especially our youth, using the arts as a voice that speaks out against the atrocities taking place in the natural world.

Thank you for your blog entry.

From Roland:

I firmly believe that the number of the rhino’s poached is proportional to the inaction of of those with the ways and the means to act. All the Facebook comments are a waste of time and nothing more. The only way to stop the poaching is with men with guns going after men with guns. Do that, or kiss your rhino’s goodbye.


Comments on this blog post by friends of Nat Geo News Watch on Facebook:

Arwen Lottman: No more killing rhinos PLEEEESE!!!!!

Sheila Anne Gordon: when will the killing of these magnificent giants stop? How can anyone in this day and age still believe in the so-called ‘magical’ properties of compacted hair???

Barbara J. Tierney: Blood money=greed and ignorance…..

Heru Kartono: Why should kill these animals? I think it’s worth the hunters are rewarded with a bullet on on their heads.

Ally Berisford-Maynard: This is the worst year ever recorded of Rhino killings – what is going on and why is this happening? Maybe we need to take stock of all exports out the Country! It’s time to clamp down on all the ports and boarder posts and spearhead a State of Emergency with strict and thorough checks on all vehicles/boat and planes leaving South Africa! The Australians have a handle on this and nothing gets through them!!! xx

Cristina Goettsch Mittermeier: unbelievable! I am assuming these are black rhinos?

Stacey Magan: they still murder both white and black both r in decline!!!!!!!!

Stacey Magan: no more animal deaths if only the hunters would become the hunted!!!!

Ina Botha: It is shocking and devestating for South Africans.

Janakiram Nallamothu: Oh!! Its a sad news to hear. Killing those innocent lives should be stopped immediately and strict punishment should be given for those who did poaching!!!

“I know Imfolozi well and it’s shocking to see this going on there.”

Richard Harris Shocking: I know Imfolozi well and it’s shocking to see this going on there.

Rua Lupa: I think that, for the most part, the non-medicinal folklore message is known but ignored, so there may need to be a change of tactics for public work. Perhaps education on conservation to prevent the beloved Rhino Horn to become something o…f the past and ensure that even those in demand want to make sure Rhinos are still around to supply them. It might sound bad, but it is an option that could work. One successful tactic is to give these poachers alternatives for a better way of life. Also to have some undercover work and nip it at the source, perhaps combine the two by hiring a poacher to not kill rhinos and to use their networks and be a mole. I would like to know what is currently being done instead of just knowing what is happening to the rhinos.

Thamrong: Absolutely unnecessary.

Comments on this blog post by Facebook friends of National Geographic:

Lee Clay: So sad 🙁

Nisrine El Bachiri: horrible!

Jennifer Baines: ‎:(

Solange Oyanadel: ‎:(

Susana Navajas: this is terrible!! :'(

Manik Sahasrabuddhe: omg! that is sad

Virginia Pratt: a crime

Cara Wilson: Not cool. I would like to start a poacher safari. No limit on how many you can shoot. Open season on F*ckwits.

Bruno Conticello: Poachers need to be hunted and shot!

Rich Marshall: Whaaat… Thats terrible, wish there was something i could do to help!?!?

Saif M. Mgbel: hell noo .

Nancy Diestelmann: worse than so sad……insane how man acts for money

Florian Hasa: really??? lol

Eli Legend: I’ll share it,thank you.

Matt Cullen: f*cking savages.

Artur Gorniak: sure…let’s kill everything that moves on this planet!!! I am speechless…….

Jenifer C. Aquino: Can we gun down poachers for a change?

Exitus Letalis: El sacrificio de los rinocerontes de Sudáfrica sigue sin marcar. Al menos dos rinocerontes blancos más cayeron bajo los cañones de cazadores furtivos esta semana y se quitaron sus cuernos. Como 300 rinocerontes pueden han sido talados en Sudáfrica durante los últimos 20 meses.

Mimi Rusmiyati: cut off the horn b4 others find out .. Sad story of money & wealth .. Rhino wants to live too ..

Roberta Burnett: Arrogant men, hateful killers.

Ali Özden Taşkıran: ‎:(

“There is no scientific or medicinal proof that rhino horn has any ‘power’ at all.”

John Monteiro: This so-called Chinese medicine is at fault, the rhino horn is made up of tough matted hair, its not a horn like on a cow or ivory like an elephant. There is no scientific or medicinal proof that rhino horn has any ‘power’ at all. Quite sad & horrific, I agree with Lee & Nisrine.

Karen Shaw: SICKENING!!! this is just so disgusting

Maja Milic: kad ce ljudi prestati da terorisu zivotinje

Arjun Dheer: rhinos are just too horny for their own good

Peter Chua: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Dolores Marie Juliano: If people would just stop buying the ivory, there would be no market for it and the killing would stop!

B.T. Røyne: i hate rhinos, they smell like shit and stuff… but i’d never shoot one.

Peter Cooper: yea well humans are the most deadliest predator on the face of this planet. we kill for pleasure and profit. we should all be ashamed of ourselves

John Makau: Kenya lost thousands of Rhinos to poachers. Anti-poaching conservation efforts stopped the pillage. Maybe SA can borrow a leaf or two.

Simge Kalaycı: worst : ( oh my god !

“I’d like to remove a different horn from the poachers!”

Jennifer Cordner Schweizer: I’d like to remove a different horn from the poachers!

Michael C Fritz: i wish rhinos killed more people

Daniela Zubiate: My boyfriend and I want to become poacher poachers! This makes us so angry and sad!

Paulina Hoppel: I feel helpless:(((

Sandy Pe: Unhappy..

Jacqueline Vivian Martin: we should catch the bastards and rip their balls off !!!

Jong Yambao: $ greed $

Dino Celestino: Ignorant men, hateful killers.

Jennifer Cordner Schweizer: Peter I agree! We are so fluffed up with our artificial selves being the deadliest predator. We consider ourselves untouchable and immune to all the suffering we cause.

Mary Guillemette Ouellet: This is absolutely un acceptable. YES these ppl are horrible, hateful, greedy, materialistic killers. I wonder how they would feel if the horns were on their heads & they were the ones being hunted?

George Gogas: Stop killing rhinos, you jerks. There thats all I can do lol

Donna Clark: is anything untouchable for money?.. people have lost perspective on what is important in life… how has man decided he has the right to kill innocent animals for their own benefit…

Hasan Mastrisiswadi: mengapa manusia bgitu jahatnya??

“If we could stop the money trail then maybe the killing would stop.”

Sue Ann Cassidy Tarkenton: Sounds like China and Vietnam need to police this a little more. If we could stop the money trail then maybe the killing would stop. This is just awful.

Dale Husband: This is what poverty does to a nation: Take its eternal treasures and sacrifice them for short term profit. When the rhinos are completely extinct, South Africa will only be more impoverished. Maybe they should start capturing and breeding the rhinos and cut off all their horns and destroying them so the poachers will have nothing to gain from killing them.

Lee Clay: If we did to them what they do to the Rhinos that would make us just as bad as them… their time wlil come….

Arne Jacobs: Poor humans, the most evil of all animals. And no , humans are not on top of all animals, the opposite is true. Money is the root of all evil – Horace Andy

David da Cruz: Its unbelievable that with all the tecnology, laws and tons of money moving around now a days…,and yet this still happens!!?????

Simona Cervio: shame on us as as to date we are still killing base on superstitious ideas

Sara Eden Friar: So sad indeed…thank you for bringing this news to light now is the time to try to stop this from happening again:)

Phyllis Sobczyk: effed up is the word

Irvin Leo Llanes: Let’s stop hunting animals, its because, if it was continue, they extinct, hw about humans, created by God, to take care of our world and animals, is our companion, so dont hunt them, God will angry to hunting that animals.

Jenifer C. Aquino: I’d like to do to poachers what they do to rhinos, tigers, bears, etc etc… serves them right to be slaughtered for a change.

Patti Lenker Potis: so sad 🙁

“I think its about time we stood up to be counted..not sit here hiding behind our computers.”

Peter Cooper: I think its about time we stood up to be counted..not sit here hiding behind our computers, we need to get out in the streets and make people take action, we need to force our governments to stop fighting wars and start fighting to protect this world or we and our future generations are all going to end up paying the ultimate price

Toni Fa: saatnya selamatkan kepunahan badak putih agar tidak menjadi tokoh dalm sejarah hewan…

Paun Remus-Andrei: And they say humans have evolved. What is the sole purpose for butchering rhinos? Do people need those horns so badly? I think it’s a fraud and all …

Nina Jean Nestlen: dislike…

Geoff Brand: John Monteiro hit the nail on the head. The rise of the East and all their “medicines” derived from animals is going to decimate many species all over the globe.

Louisa Livingstone: That´s terrible :0(

Zsuzsa Tóth: What can be done??? I wish I could hunt down these poachers and cut their “horns”!!!

Morada Janarin: Am SAD….

Luke Malone: Well I guess if War of the Worlds was real it wouldn’t matter however since its not…save the rhinos.

Mildred Natalia Kleriga Rangel-Johnson: damn need to cut their hands

Moondancemaria Rosa: ‎^%%*&&^((*&)&*&&$$###*&^)(_)_**^&^%&^^$!!!!!!!!! ARRRGGGHHHH…… that just pisses me off!!!

Tricia Marie Machuca: heartbreaking…

Κωνσταντίνος Αγγελόπουλος: DETH to ALL the POACHERS with NO EXCUSES…Right there in the spot…DIE Mother f*ckers DIE….

“The results of all this plundering and raping of the planet will rear its ugly face before we know it. Then it’ll be too late…”

Nancy Diestelmann: this whole world is effed up…from one side of the planet to the other. The results of all this plundering and raping of the planet will rear its ugly face before we know it. Then it’ll be too late…heartbreaking.

Rener Rivera: Animals have no chance form the virus that is our humanity…Earth will speak soon and we will be forced to listen!

Ashraf Ansar:i i wonder why so many people like this o hate this

Mary Guillemette Ouellet: These jack-asses just piss me off, I totally agree w/ the IDEA of a “poachers safari”, I soooo have the room on my walls for a bunch of poacher heads. I have vaulted ceilings, perfect……….

Donal O’Shea: the poachers should be shot for what they are doing, why do people need the horns anyways they have enough things in life

Ray Buchmann: You can thank the Chinese and Japanese for this. Thats where those horns go for medicines that don’t even work.

Kal Andrews: What the hell? Leave it to man and his infinite arrogance to think they we are the only species on this planet that matter. What will they poach once these rhinos are extinct? Deplorable! Disgusting!

“Paren esa masacre y castiguen a los culpables.”

Virginia Alvarado: Paren esa masacre y castiguen a los culpables…..

Rachel Tharp: Horrible!

Sherrill Dallmann: impossible to ‘like’ this… thanks for informing tho’

Sharil Ashraf: kill the poachers and take their horns for fair

Jennifer Smith: DISLIKE!!!! Asses.

Vicky E. Castro: Outrageous! }:-/

Gene Brigham: Why doesn’t South Africa do something about it? Apparently, saving rhinos isn’t very high on their list of priorities. If they would offer a diamond for every poacher brought in dead, I imagine the poachers would disappear pretty quickly. Drastic times call for drastic measures, folks. So what’s more important: the poachers or the rhinos?

Darren Paul Hurst: Good call Mr Buchmann! a RHINOS LIFE for the sake of someones erection or sex drive!!! give me a break!! can’t bare to watch the video clip..

Fifish Ish: this is bad news

Frisco Chaling Celestial: Make viagra free!

Diana Stockert: Until the myth that the horns have healing powers … it will continue.

Ferruccio Garzoni: F*ckin’ Idiots stupids humans , we are destroying our planet..

“It all comes down to greed.”

Aaron Glenn Campbell: Sickening… it all comes down to greed. 🙁

Hammad Khawaja: stop this brutality you insensitive human race

Softone Indobabe: STOP this!! safe the ecosystem to life cultivated.. because “WE NEED Nature…”

Dave Patrick Gibney: Wait a second – I thought the poachers were being shot on sight. They are actually succeeding?

Carina Dajime: =(

Juan Alejandro: Camus Rios excelent program is real cool thanks national

Maria Juliana Haloho: so bad indeed…….

Peter Cooper: the one problem we have, is the human rights people, these people protect the ones that kill and Mame and rape and abuse by saying they have rights…but what about the victims, human and animal, where were thier rights when they were being… slaughtered and attacked, who stands up for the innocent, the ones that cant speak up for themselves, just because we cant understand an animal when it cries out in pain does not make it any less alive.

yet when a person protects an animal from being killed by killing the attacker, that person is called an inhumane killer…but i ask you who is the guilty party, the person killing for pleasure or the person killing to protect the innocent?See More

Maria Juliana Haloho: @RAY BUCHMAN……really i dont know that,what that for??

Jose Luis: The killlers shoul be killed!

Rosaura Quintanilla: This is just too sad.

Qaz Janssen: apalling }:-/

Markus ハンサム Rhino the bad boy..

Alicia Vega Lacazeta Parece mentira que esto siga sucediendo.

Laura Burnham how do we stop it

Darren Paul Hurst Good call Mr cooper! every word should be listened too!

Rika Mady ‎:(

Mike Routsky The poachers should be rounded up and then have thier “human horns” removed, and I`m not talking noses here.

Barbara Flick Countless animals are being hunted everyday. Why are the rhino’s the only animal whose plight is being spot lighted. All animal’s should be protected not just the ones that are endangered. Coyote’s are killed just because one neighborhood cat goes misssing. 🙁

Seken Polansky

White rhino.. Its appendix 2 isn’t it?

Even it can be slaughtered, we must know the ratio between the positive and negative(y’all maybe know what i mean). If the advantage is huge from its death. Its okay. But if we only kill them to get the…ir horn, i think it is a big crime

Michelle Stapleton: Poor rhinos very unfair hope it can be stopped at the very least bring in a proper enforcement to stop it 🙁

Paul M. Ross: Terrible! Just terrible!

Toby Greig: Elle Mcpherson has recently admitted she uses Rhino horn products.

Martin Estra: Poachers’ are only short sighted, and do appreciate wild life’s inter beauty.

Paun Remus-Andrei

Man may have to think that if animal is his pray, maybe nature will find a predator for man, and that predator may come in many forms, such as diseases, and then man tries desperately to do whatever is in his power to preserve himself, even… killing rhino’s to salvage their horns for medical purposes. We’ll man can’t quite understand that any disease or ilness is cured by heart, mind and optionally medicinal plants at most. By resorting to violently kiling rhinos man only unleashes his anger on those creatures. It is like in ancient times, man resorts toviolence in order to show his indefinite power over the planet. But man hasn’t realised that whatever may come, man is still nt a ruler and a manipulator of worlds. By birth man is not granted this privilege.See More

Tina King maybe some poeple should get together & poach the poachers.

Devy Just-Devy That’s just SAD.

Mary Husfloen What is wrong with those completey ignorant poachers? they have no idea what they’re doing – and the people who buy the horns from them do not care.

Mary Dugan when does the season start to hunt poachers?

Paul Price The South African Government should hang their heads in shame.

Ethel C. Estrella Sad…Why they are doing this?

Iriney Staykov ‎”403 people like this.”

M-o-r-o-n-s! 99% of the People on earth are stupid by default.

Klas Nygren I feel ashamed even thou’ I’ve done nothing…

Luis Carrasquillo Pedraza

If we tried being fair in the global economy the African men would stop doing this to feed their families. Such a rich continent, exploided by the west. We pay shit as we also excesively buy and dispose of electronics like cell phones and …video game consoles. Yet exploided children workers in Africa make zilch for the metals extracted. If you feel bad for the rhinos, blame our bully-like economy. Who disagrees with me? Speak-up! How much do African communities make from Diamonds? How much do you pay? How much does a CEO or trader profit? It’s a shame we feel bad for the rhinos but dare not question our economies, global coorporations and politics.See More

Mustafa Watha: ‎:(

Susan Siegler This is an absolute tragedy, so sad…………….

Janis Paredes Moran it is a never-ending evil, with all four species, as among ourselves and also we are killing. The more?

Terry Gardner Mora Such ignorance, there is nothing more dangerous than ignorant poverty- stricken humans!

Sandra Antas South Africa should ask blame the consumers of products made with the rhino horns, not the poacher´s,those sorry bastards only follow market search and earn a penny compaird to the Asian consumers that still buy rhino horn powder to increase sexual performance,what about the blue pill!if they saw a barrel of a gun pointed to their heads i´m sure they would stay “horny” for life!

Fitri Adi Iskandar bad news.. i don’t understand why the poachers kill the rhinos?

did they have hearted to kill the rhinos?

thanks for information..

Luis Carrasquillo Pedraza Terry, your an idiot.

Luis Carrasquillo Pedraza OMG, all of you are making me so angry. Stop blaming the poachers!!!!! Purpose lies beyond the surface!!!!!!

Akashdeep Singh Bedi i declare open season on poachers, lets see if we can hunt them into extinction..

Louie Patricio Lumontod oh my! poor rhino :’C …gov’t must protect this endangered animal!

Rosario Coloma Martinez ¡¡¡So much endless evil and cruelty!!!

Ramil Balagat These people are no heart at all. These animals are created & cherish by God. They do no harm to us. They are here to co-exist with us & for us to enjoy their existence too. I’m so sad.

Megan Davidson Sad. Sad. Sad.

Paul Price ‎@ Luis yes I agree in part with Africa being exploited by the West. However African Governments are so corrupt! They can drive around in luxury cars between office and home and enjoy the 21st century. Quite happily ignoring the plight of their own people.

Stacia Tappero No bueno!!!

Fitri Adi Iskandar you alright luis we must find the real criminal to stop this criminality

Paul John Bayfield I have flexible morals if you wish for me to take action.

Fareena Alli It is of man’s nature to be greedy and with that comes the loss of something precious.

Alex Pangilinan Unlike!!! =(

Sharon Trounce Lachowich Why do people LIKE this?

Mary Yamada so, what will the poachers do when there are no more white rhinos?

Natra Blundell Tell the Chinese, these don’t work~get the blue pills instead!

Roxana Virginia Caamaño Terrible, terrible news. This must stop! Harsh punishment for poachers! So painful to hear such a thing…

Renee Gauthier I wonder what would happen if someone could flood the poachers’ market with really good fakes?

Scott Arcand The horns have medicinal properties that give people the strenght and verilility of the Rhino. Fine qualities to be sure. Funny how the horns don’t seem to hold any magic for the animal they came from. They’re all dead…now THAT’S irony, in my book!!

Eosaph Ferguson Barbara Flick, you are an idiot!

Monique Whiting ‎:(

Abhijit Roychowdhury Where can we hunting licence to hunt the ‘poachers’?

Getrida Tefa Kill the people who gunned the rhinos.the rhinos should be maintenance no to be killed

Malyory Arbeláez Dios y no hay Gobierno que puedan darles un parado a esos cazadores, hay que salvar a los Rinocerontes……………….. por favor

Scott Arcand Come on Terry, I KNOW you couldn’t possibly mean that. You just mispoke (miswrote). I’m giving you the benifit of the doubt, because you are ALMOST correct. It’s not the ignorant poor that are the problem. It’s the corrupt governments who deprive their fellow citizens, whom they claim to serve; of thier God given right to freedom and life.

Joe Pacheco How about they hunt down these evil poachers & be put in jail for life

Chrissy Barnes So sad that people don’t care what they are doing to these beautiful animals just for a couple bucks!

Francis Reyes pare ung xp cd paki kuha u n lng s shop.

Melanie Young What a f*cken shitty world we live in!!

Benjamin Arthur Conway That is horrible.

Hisham Jaafar just pray that the rhinos turned back to poachers…… 🙂

Rob ‘Ronnie’ O’Sullivan Nature is cruel and unforgiving but it knows the balance between life and death unfortunately humans do not and that is where nature will teach us our wrongs, painfully.

Jau Robert they do it because of MONEY!!

Luis Carrasquillo Pedraza

‎@ Paul and Scott, you are both correct. Government Corruption is fertile grounds for any type of exploitation and inequality. In these cases traders and corporations don’t need to lobby-> they just go straight to the local corrupted govern…ment officials. They scratch each others back, and unfortunately we as the consumers, the demand, need to also take conscious responsibility.

See More

Norlin Noi Sad….:( wat’s wrong wit these pple!

Alan Mortimer man will one day be punished for what we are doing to the planet,

god created this beautifull place, man will destroy it

Luphy Srf ça fait mal au coeur. Le jour ou on va regretter ça n’est pas loin.

Jennifer Holloway Clayton Watching the Saints game with my love 😉 Looking forward to hanging with an old friend later on tonight!!

Alexandre Fares It will only change when humans realise that the real criminals are those who demand for such things not the ones who sell (poachers, drug dealers…) due to connection between poverty and supply-demand principle.

Luis Carrasquillo Pedraza Really, I am more frustrated with these peoples “righteous-pity” comments than the article itself.

Kirby C. Jacobsen I can understand that they’re desperate, but that’s gotta be the sadest thing — to kill animals like that.

Dianne Liukkonen Such a shame! :

Niño Tibay so sad…. T_T

Rajeev Krishnapillai So sad ! people kill these animals for the wrong notion of the aphrodisiac effects of its small hone, wish they could give it off the idiots ask. Probably agra has not reached Africa yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shelly Morgan I can’t say I ‘Like’ this, it is very sad.

Dave Norwoods i know i was there

Grace Hughes It’s a totally twisted world out there. Hate to even look at the fotos.

Khurram Fazal awesome


Diana Torres Awe, I saw a documentary on this. It was so depressing.

Serge de Muller nasty a Rhino is worth a few dollars

Leesa Armbrust Henricksen Very sad !

Michael Stevens When will this needless,senseless killing stop? I’d like to go hunting for the poachers doing this.

Maria McAdrian booooo

Jason Tang Maybe capital punishment should be imposed so the risk and reward does not looking enticing anymore? Is there no international body or NGO powerful enough to enact such act?

Barbie Jolene Burnett we need speacial parks for these creatures before they are all gone

Grace Hughes I don’t get it; killing an 5000 lb. animal for the freaking horn? Get the blue pill, idiots!

Aye Sugboanon those poachers are expecting to be paid with big bucks by white businessmen – they are the mastermind behind the gunning down of those Rhinos in South Africa!

Maria Joao Calder What a shame!!!

Biviana Vanegas pobrecitos…

Jay Serrano Death penalty for the poachers!!!

Avdul Rahman Hjs Guys lets hunt poachers…they are animals with two legs two arms can walk on their feet..can talk..n we must shoot its head so they die instantly..but we cant eat them..ahahaha..

Juliana YjL Rhino horns are made of keratin – e same type of protein that makes up our hair & fingernails. Someone should set up a game reserve poaching poachers for their hair & nails which can replace the poor animal’s horn & use them for medicinal purposes 🙁


Juliana YjL When the buying stops the killing ends 🙂

Dharma Satyan Thaib Hate this !

William Joseph Guingona: It’s quite sad that Rhinos are hunted down to almost extinction. I watched the segment and these large, primitive-looking mammals existing millions of years ago are haplessly butchered and left by poachers to decay in the wild just for thei…r horn? Rhino horn is believed to contain therapeutic & medicinal properties but scientific analysis proved otherwise. It’s mere cultural myth as cure to some illness and possesses magical powers. The rhino has declined dramatically by almost 90% with just 5 species left. A more aggressive conservation of these extinct beasts should be undertaken before it’s too late! See More

Amy Kennedy: So sad 🙁

William Joseph Guingona: It’s really quite sad that Rhinos are hunted down to almost extinction. I watched the segment and these large, primitive-looking mammals existing millions of years ago are haplessly butchered and left by poachers to decay in the wild just f…or their horn? Rhino horn is believed to contain therapeutic & medicinal properties but scientific analysis proved otherwise. It’s mere cultural myth as cure to some illness and possesses magical powers. The rhino has declined dramatically by almost 90% with just 5 species left. A more aggressive conservation of these extinct beasts should be undertaken before it’s too late! See More

Thomas Argiro Send in the military, and start felling the poachers!

Darwin L. Ramas: Tsk Tsk Tsk! :'(

Jean-Michel André: C’est malheureux et triste. Quelle tragédie 🙁

Xhyanna Brown: Poachers have the horns of the devil!

Pierre Beaudin: assassins,hitler as fais ca avec les juifs,un jour y vont souffrir,pis moé mas rire.

Kellie McGregor Cordosi What will the poachers do when they have killed all of the rhinos?

Tripti Prasad o gosh.. That’s pretty sad 🙁

Why can’t people understand that poaching should be stopped, it is such a cruel act!

Guillermo Rivas: Military Protection!

Joseph Patrick Mangali Mendoza f*ck those poachers!!

Peteto Hristova Nenormalna rabota… >:(

Tammy Morris O’Keefe This needs to be stopped!

Chris Nautics Cut off the horns of Rhinos under anasthetic, put plastic ones on instead. The horns are being sent to China etc for aphrodisiac potions…

Patrick Downey and there’s only so many of them…..

Dona Valbuena I thought South Africa is protecting its wild engangered animals? I watched just this week rhinos death due to anthrax, and now human poachers? how gross!

Todd Louis give permits to hunt the poachers . That’ll even things up.

Nancy Boulton: How do you stop the Chinese from slaughtering animals for medicinal ingredients??? It is not only the rhino horns, but the bear gall bladders. Can we no make a synthetic substitute in these days of technology?

Something?? Anyone with solut…ions???See More

Esteban Cornejo Carrasco ‎300?? it’s terrible!!

Tia Seitz: ‎“dislike” ppl can be so mean!

Jeremy Lightell sad

Damian Masudal the stupid human, just to get 6 ” of horn and the rhino weight about 5000lb. I just don’t get the idea.

Teguh Dwi Herlambang SAD but TRUE.. feel guilty as a part of mankind..but what I can do for the Rhinos except yelling “LET THEM LIVE FOREVER”…amen!

Anil Nagarkoti Very sad.

Zack Busse: I HATE POACHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Velez I wish there was a dislike button. D=<

Leah Ley Layones this a sad news..

Rajesh Chaurasiya If dis continues, then rhino will soon extinct like dino….

Stan Rio mean people gettin increase in number.

John McAndrew Put a bounty out on the poachers, or begin a rumor in the “medical” community about poacher penis and gonads. That may remedy the persistence of this problem.

Nazime Aktuna murdarers people:(

Johan Chambers Easy solution? Legalise rhino horn trade and the game farmers will double the population within 5 years and the horn can be harvest painless. When the demand is met the price will drop. Long live the rino!

Andrew H Takaha appalling

Pooja Gupta This is really disgusting

Sonali Shah

like humans they also have right to live in this world,who r we to kill this beautiful creation of God. Poachers should be hanged till death & even buyers should be punished…if the killing of this innocent animal is not stopped their exti…nction is inevitable.

Marietta Iuel ?@ Aye – make that yellow businessmen. They’re the arseholes who believe rhino horn has magical medicinal properties.

Stephen Quantrill whats to like the poor animals are dead

Maritta Hakola I wonder why the Chinese need to have every endangered species murdered and ground into powder for their medicine..and what banish their impotence??..what utter utter waste!!

Barbara Serve it´s incredible how criminal stupid persons can be…

Rohit Agarwal military should start poachers hunt.

Robyn Gillette So, so sad….

Marty Heuvelman So sad, stop the poachers please!!!!

Dheeraj Khatri Bad bad bad

Bilal Qamar Rhino horns r very valuable, even more than gold. They r used for making jewelery etc..

Misatim Maskwa less people, more animals

Ali Abassa damn!!

Paul Santosh Christie Sad case…. poachers are everywhere and are destroying wildlife. Something must be done.

Vineet Kumar Sharma it has to be stop otherwise after few year we have only photographs to see.

Sarath Sankaranarayanan Y cant the South african govmnt stop this crime against one of this endangered mammals.. it is sad..

Diane Horseriderusa Cruel….catch these creeps, and remove their youknowhatz….

Diane Horseriderusa Wonder if Rhino families mourne loss of family members as elephants do….

Ivana Crnicki terible :((((((

Bhavana Anandani Hate the fact poachers still have to hunt exotic species for their living….hate those rich who cant value these lives:(

Corinna Giraudi Caplain stop this shame once for all!!

Karen Palconit nope!! but thats amazing!!

Ivan Van Aelst: Bastards !!!!…….

Mark Worrall Check out

Vaishailihossain Morium oh my God ! plz. save these rare creatures !

Vinayak Mahadik very bad

Budiman Mananohas Aer LADY BUG.. in my country it”s name “kumbang kecil”….

Shiva Pokhrel really sad news.what the government and other conservation org. are looking.

Ton Hartman Time to hunt the hunters, if i could i would get ma a gun and shoot them and rip their noses of to display in the f*cking national museum of south africa! So people willl know what happens to people like that.

Mamia Shapakidze it’s not too difficult to find the poachers if government knows where the market is which doh they know and a little trap here and a large raid there will clear things out.moreover it would be childs work if the people at the gas stations informed that they fueled a car full of weapons n’stuff and voailia!Don’t cry out here that Rhinos are is sad, but done -figure out how to deal with it and help out.

Ranee Garcia the sad is the rhino gunned down the poacher

Imran Salroo i am more worried about people of kashmir who are getting killed by indian armed forces and CRPF these days. Over 62 innocent kashmiri youths have been killed over last two months.

Kamran Waseem Ahmed hmm.. so mean!!!

Iman Schegarra Please also save the endangered 60 javanese rhinos left in western tip of Java island

Emese Mate NO COMMENT!

Umer Malik Malik ufff………!

Ian D. Samson Utterly disgusting, wanton slaughter, for a horn that does nothing.

Greta De Metsenaere Horrible.

Marta Anna Jurgielewicz Humans always were and always will be the parasites on Earth. We cannot co-exist with nature. Sadly most of us don’t even want to try. We are unable to learn on our own mistakes when it comes to the consequences of our actions. We sometimes regret but it’s always too late…

Kenneth Azzopardi I think it is high time we declare open game for the poachers and start hunting them just like they do to the helpless rhinos.

Remko Dijkhuizen that’s f*cked up! rhino’s are my favourite animals!

Louis Van Vuuren

?@ Sarath Sankaranarayanan – I live in south africa, our government is so useless, i don’t even want to begin. A brick could get more done… Unfortunately the concept of protecting wildlife & nature is something that 99% of the people in …our government cannot fathom. So it is up to conservation groups and people on the ground to take action and fund these efforts. All we can do is try to give them support and spread the word about rhino poaching. Hope these senseless killings will stop soon and that the people responsible will be brought to justice.See More

Taguche Tee kawawa nman

Radoslav Peshev ????????? ??????? ????? ????? ?? ????? ?????…

Fernando Azul It’s a crime not only against nature: it’s against us, as a living being, who is part of the only world we have!

Prithwiraj Chatterjee When will the poachers rifle be silenced forever.The answer is blowing in the wind.

Andres Galindo Killers, killers.

Teng-liat Khoo The Chinese government makes a big do about their green initiatives. Protecting endangered species is an integral part of any Green strategy. The Chinese Government should crack down very hard on the illicit trade in animals and animal parts!

Aftab Chopra shame!!!

Hana Qeriqi ?:(

Judie Matter Why can’t man leave Animals alone? They were here before us and deserve to live their lives in peace! Man with there Guns must feel so proud of themselves up against a defenseless animal! Is it about the money or just the urge to kill?

Richard Yousaf: Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.

Melissa Lay Tong Teo: Calling all Chinese people, u don’t need rhino horn powder for whatever reasons that u may hv, stop buying by products made from endangered animals!!!!!

Dovan Wen Cai: Rhino’s horn is good for health? What a nonsence! Those heartless devils should consume herba to promote health.Why should they kill this endangered creature? They should get hanged to death!

Diane Matthews-Longenecker: I would say, let the poachers try and hunt rhino…but all they get to use is a knife no more than 6″ long. I think this would even the odds a bit! Of course, then someone has to clean up the messy human…oh yeah, I forgot, vulture fodder!!! Woo-hoo!

Pau Hc: We need an “Africa Shepherd”, and for elephants, too. Stupid poachers

Eiza Dimzon: why do they have to kill the animals? cant they at least use a tranquilizer gun? stupid people!

Ivana Babic: poor rhinos… :((((((

Froky Buenaflor: dammit… this must stop!

Yogita Thanekar: SO sad………

Bob Levinsky: What’s it going to take to stop this insanity?

Yann Macherez: I don’t like! At all…

Sharon Jane Swanner Bowers: don’t even get me started………

Brian Perfect: We have the bloody internet. Post the poachers on a web site as nature enemy #1. Put a bounty of $1M from the Gates foundation. Hunters get hunted real fast!

Shobha Manmohan: Why can’t the south African Govt do something, its real sad?

Wandelmar Bandialan: what if the south african government put a no mans land in all the park area? This is a serious thing that had happen, and again soon another poacher make their way in that park..white rhinos are a very endagered animals in africa, and soon they’d face their fate into the brink of extinction.. so sad.

Naorem Binita Devi: OH!

Ahtesham Anwar: its the human beings the biggest enemy of plant

Francisco Conte: STOP KILLING RHINOS!!!!

Zeke Zee: All this for the equivalent of human fingernails. What a waste.

Stacy Bao: awe

Nazmus Shakib: VERY SAD….

Qaher Yasin: Please stop animal brutality .

Virgilio Elcullada Luib Jr.: omg that is bad news.

Sandra Babo: AMAZING!

Jason Rampersad: NOT GOOD!!!

Tyrel Thompson: We’ve killed the buffalo,mink,otter,fox,ermine and beaver for their pelts; now the rhino for its horn.More sad than this however is that we are killing one another for money,land and mere trinkets……I think that Mother Nature would rejoice in our extinction…

Avinash Mainali:  This is the great problem. poachers should be punished badly

white rhinos r rare in the world they must be protected.

Jewels Davids: Apparently Game Wardens are going to inject arscenic in to the horns…! Pay back time.

Anurag Lokare: M………C………

Barbara Saldanha Pereira: It’s no wonder that both human and wild life are at stake in the new South Africa, as long as the political scene is controlled by wealth-seeking-savages claiming that the land is theirs yet showing absolutely no regard, respect or love fo…r anything that is truely native to their land, what can anyone really expect??? This might sound very harsh but as an ex-South African exiled because it is no longer safe to live in the land I too call home, I feel very strongly on the subject, this turn in events saddens me deeply and all I pray and wish for is that the international comunity wake up and pay attention to what is really going on in my country before our already long extinction list gets even longer!See More

Annette Osnos: There are times when I find it hard to click on the “like” button because clearly this news is very disturbing…perhaps facebook can come up with another way to show your appreciation/respect for an organization that is trying to educate/help?

Charmaine Conaghty: Thats horrorable news shame on All poachers who hunt animals for profit and body parts. They should b stopped cos its not right and animals have jus as much right to live free on this planets as we do.

Neha Bisht: I really wish that these poachers would someday get exactly what they do. They should be treated likewise. How about trade of human poachers. Sorry people for sounding so ruthless but it really seems just to me.

Rosaura Quintanilla: This is just not fair, why do we let this destruction?

Eagle Eyes: ?”As many as 300 rhinos may have been felled …..” ??? F*CK !!



Corrie du Plessis: Very sad and it will never stop. They will carry on until there is nothing left. 67 Rhino’s was killed last year in Kruger park if i can remember correctly. Was there in December and one of the Park Ranger’s at Pabheni gate told me this. He said it’s a ongoing thing day by day.

Lejla Sitnic: horrible..

J Paul Hawthorne: What a shame………………

Christina Durando: Shame on them!! What a huge loss…

Luisa Santos: Stop the rhinos slaughter! Something must be done.

Michaela Münsterer: Why “like”-Button???

Diego Herrera: why do people like this?

Debbie Clifton Carvalho: Damn! This is so shocking! These endangered creatures are not a renewable resource, so can all those that use the horns for whatever foolishness, please stop and THINK!!!!! Cut off the reason poor people feel the need to do this.

Adan Rincon: No quieren es dejar nada a las proximas generaciones. Recuerden de este planeta no se van es a llevar NADA.

Irina Mazzotta: What do all this people “like” in this article?! It horrifying and absolutely revolting! I have no words!!!

Daniel Jolly: One of most eminent atrocities currently happening on planet earth.

Isabel Rodriguez: Something must be done

Ameena Mohammed: so bad my heart gose for them

Pat Murphy: I lke the series about the world without man sometimes…. more and more….

Thais Rosabal: ¡Què triste!

Adria Boyce-Shipley: Its pathetic how mankind can kill such a beautiful creature for nothing more than its Horn? Seriously, Satan has a special place in hell for these A-holes!

Dyoke van Assum: In this case there should be a button: “don’t like” or “support statement” or something like that. I can not get myself to click on button “like”. This is horrible and there must a way to stop poaching wild animals for theirs horns. And som…eone called the south african savages! Is the western society not savage? Why do you think the horns of rhinos are in demand? Or of elephants for that matter? BECAUSE WE WANT THE PRODUCTS THAT ARE MADE FROM IT!!!! Know who is savage?See More


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