Streetsblog: Intelligent Transportation Around the Corner?

Tanya Snyder, Capitol Hill editor for D.C. Streetsblog, recently blogged about how the information age may usher in a new era in intelligent transportation.

For instance, when highways get crowded and congested, some people start clamoring for more and wider roads to absorb the ever-increasing number of cars, Snyder wrote.

But advocates for sustainable transportation alternatives say we can make more of the roads we have–and the trains and buses, for that matter–with technology.

It’s some of the same technology you’ve already grown accustomed to–think how much E-ZPass keeps traffic moving at tolls, or how online traffic maps help you plan your route.

What else could technology be doing for us as we try to maximize efficiency?

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Tanya Snyder is the Capitol Hill editor of Streetsblog, an online news source about livable communities and alternative transportation. She has covered federal Washington for NPR affiliate stations around the country and for Pacifica Radio’s national newscast–and she’s covered local Washington for WTOP-FM and various local papers. Wherever she works, she gets there by bike.

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