A Royal Wedding Primer

Grenadier Guard on duty at Buckingham Palace; photo by Franc Shor, 1953

Do you know who the Baron of Renfrew is? It’s Prince Charles, father of the groom! If you are planning to watch the royal wedding of William and Kate Middleton this Friday it’s time to brush up on London and all things royal. Check out some recent info from our website and then take a trip back in time through the pages of National Geographic, with articles and photos showing the royal traditions and pageantry that will be echoed this week. Best wishes to the happy couple!

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  • London home page on our website, including photos, a quiz, and more. Fast facts on England at our KIDS site.
  • 2006 May–National Geographic magazine. Prince Charles–Not Your Typical Radical. 96-115. Prince Charles, presumed future King of England, has taken a leadership position on community planning and sustainable agriculture, and he is putting it to the test in the Duchy of Cornwall. Sandy Mitchell follows along as Prince Charles describes his vision, with photos by Catherine Karnow.
  • 1980 November–National Geographic magazine. Windsor Castle. 604-631. Anthony Holden provides history and anecdotes about one of the official residences of the Queen, begun in 1070. Find out about the unusual alarm clock that rouses everyone each morning. Photos by James L. Stanfield show a table set in the Waterloo Chamber, a suit of armor, and St. George’s Chapel.
  • 1980 November–National Geographic magazine. Royal House for Dolls. 632-643. This royal house is a miniature built in the 1920s as a gift for Queen Mary. David Jeffery describes the enormous doll house based on plans by Edwin Lutyens, which has electricity, hot and cold running water, full sets of china for dinner, and much more. Photos by James L. Stanfield.
  • 1969 November–National Geographic magazine. The Investiture of Great Britain’s Prince of Wales. 698-715. Want to find out the full name of Prince Charles? Allan C. Fisher, Jr. answers that question and provides a full description of the investiture ceremony held in 1969 at Caernarvon Castle, Wales. Photos by James L. Stanfield and Adam Woolfitt show the placing of the coronet on his head by the Queen, the crowds, and the castle decked out in banners.
  • 1937 May–National Geographic magazine. Along London’s Coronation Route. 609-632. Maynard Owen Williams reports on the sights and sounds of London preparing for the coronation of King George VI, who stepped in for his brother who abdicated the throne in order to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Photos include monuments, the parade route, and the royal coach.

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