Be All You Can Be At the Geography Bee

So you think you’re smarter than a National Geographic Bee contestant?

The 54 finalists will face off on May 24 and 25. Some PBS stations will broadcast the event, as will the National Geographic channel starting on June 13 at 6:30 p.m. ET, for four nights. If you’d like to see whether you measure up, we will share 11 questions from the state finals, all of them about the United States and all of them trickily using the word “not.” Answers are below.

1. Which state is not known for its oil production—North Dakota, Wyoming, or Maine?

2. Which state does not include part of the Great Plains—Pennsylvania, Kansas, or

3. Which state is not part of the Connecticut River watershed—New Hampshire, New
Jersey, or Vermont?

4. Which state does not border another country—Delaware, Arizona, or New York?

5. Which state does not produce iron ore—Michigan, New Hampshire, or Minnesota?

6. Which state was not formed from land that was part of the Louisiana Purchase—South
Dakota, Oklahoma, or West Virginia?

7. Which state is not among the three largest states in area—Illinois, California, or

8. Which state name is not of Spanish origin—Montana, Michigan, or Nevada?

9. Which present-day state was not crossed by the Oregon Trail—Idaho, Ohio, or

10. Which state does not produce cotton—Louisiana, Texas, or Wisconsin?

11. Which state is not crossed by the Appalachian Mountains—Missouri, North Carolina,
or Virginia?

Answers: 1: Maine, 2: Pennsylvania, 3: New Jersey, 4: Delaware, 5: New Hampshire, 6: West Virginia, 7: Illinois, 8: Michigan, 9: Ohio, 10: Wisconsin, and 11: Missouri.