“Gilly” the Moose Calf– Video Gone Viral

Jordan Schaul with moose calf, "Gilly." (Photo by Doug Lindstrand)

“Gilly” the Moose Calf  (click on link to see video)

Our first orphaned moose calf of the season has received quite a bit of acclaim and a lot of attention from our animal care interns. Erin Leighton from Houston, Texas filmed this segment.

The link above takes you to a You Tube video featuring this three week old, orphaned moose calf. If you were an intern here at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center you would already have put in your time feeding moose calves around the clock. This video provides a very authentic perspective of a hungry young ungulate awaiting his milk bottle.

I’ve encountered six calves this season, all of whom were rescued by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  In some cases cows with one or more calves needed to be dispatched (i.e., euthanized) because they presented a threat to human safety. In other cases moose mothers needed to be put down following traffic accidents–moose involved collisions.  In other instances we receive calves after their mothers sacrificed their lives protecting their young from predators. 

We are saddened by the loss of life, but feel privleged that the state of Alaska entrusts us with the care of these moose calves which will grow to 600 lbs by the end of the year.  Unfortunately we don’t have space for every orphan in need, but we do what we can. 

Remember to drive safely and look out for wildlife! Read my post about wildlife-involved traffic collisions, road ecology, and relevant conservation issues.


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With training in wildlife ecology, conservation medicine and comparative psychology, Dr. Schaul's contributions to Nat Geo Voices have covered a range of environmental and social topics. He draws particular attention to the plight of imperiled species highlighting issues at the juncture or nexus of sorta situ wildlife conservation and applied animal welfare. Sorta situ conservation practices are comprised of scientific management and stewardship of animal populations ex situ (in captivity / 'in human care') and in situ (free-ranging / 'in nature'). He also has a background in behavior management and training of companion animals and captive wildlife, as well as conservation marketing and digital publicity. Jordan has shared interviews with colleagues and public figures, as well as editorial news content. In addition, he has posted narratives describing his own work, which include the following examples: • Restoration of wood bison to the Interior of Alaska while (While Animal Curator at Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and courtesy professor at the University of Alaska) • Rehabilitation of orphaned sloth bears exploited for tourists in South Asia (While executive consultant 'in-residence' at the Agra Bear Rescue Center managed by Wildlife SOS) • Censusing small wild cat (e.g. ocelot and margay) populations in the montane cloud forests of Costa Rica for popular publications with 'The Cat Whisperer' Mieshelle Nagelschneider • Evaluating the impact of ecotourism on marine mammal population stability and welfare off the coast of Mexico's Sea of Cortez (With Boston University's marine science program) Jordan was a director on boards of non-profit wildlife conservation organizations serving nations in Africa, North and South America and Southeast Asia. He is also a consultant to a human-wildlife conflict mitigation organization in the Pacific Northwest. Following animal curatorships in Alaska and California, he served as a charter board member of a zoo advocacy and outreach organization and later as its executive director. Jordan was a member of the Communication and Education Commission of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (CEC-IUCN) and the Bear Specialist Group of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (BSG-SSC-IUCN). He has served on the advisory council of the National Wildlife Humane Society and in service to the Bear Taxon Advisory Group of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA Bear TAG). In addition he was an ex officio member of council of the International Association for Bear Research and Management. Contact Email: jordan@jordanschaul.com http://www.facebook.com/jordan.schaul https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordanschaul/ www.jordanschaul.com www.bicoastalreputationmanagement.com