Excuse Me, Is This Your Bear Urine? – Only at National Geographic

Last week a group email went out to the staff of National Geographic. This is what it said:

Date: Mon, Jun 13, 2011 at 2:37 PM
Subject: Bear Urine- not a joke

A package arrived at Geo…(talk about weird) 2 small bottles of Pee. Bear Urine. No… really.

Can you please send a blast to see if some brave soul will claim the urine.

Bear Urine from Harmon Deer Scents

But wait, it gets better. According to a producer at National Geographic Television, one woman responded to the original email saying she was expecting coyote urine and deer urine, but that the bear urine was not hers.  Two other people requested to be notified if the urine was not claimed because they need some “for personal use.”  No, not to pass drug tests, but to keep deer out of their yards. In the end, the true purchaser of the bear pee came forward. It is now safe with its rightful owner.

The bear urine, which can be ordered here, is being used by the crew of the National Geographic Television show Deadliest Encounters.  The crew members are using it mask their “human” scent.  They plan to spray the pee on their shoes while setting up film equipment so that animals cannot track their human scent. The hope is that this will enable the crew to get close-up shots of animals that would otherwise stay away.

Bear pee on your shoes… Just another helpful tip from the wildlife filmmakers at National Geographic.

But, the Harmon Deer Scents website has a few tips of its own about using bear urine. “Keep away from children. Never ingest. Keep away from eyes.”


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