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Up-Close Look at Louisiana’s Disappearing Marshes

In the Journey OnEarth film series, National Geographic Emerging Explorer Roshini Thinakaran, reports about the people most directly impacted by pollution, oil spills, and toxic chemicals, and communities coping with climate change across the U.S.

In the second Journey OnEarth film, Roshini Thinakaran takes a closer look at Louisiana’s marshes and examines the cost of losing them.


The newly released second episode takes a closer look at Louisiana’s mashes. Referred to as part of America’s hardest working wetlands, the marshes are breathtaking, but they are a natural treasure disappearing at an alarming rate. For this film, Roshini visits this unique ecosystem and examines the cost of losing a piece of our natural heritage.


Voices From the Wetlands

NG Emerging Explorer, filmmaker Roshini Thinakaran. Photo by Mark Thiessen.

Her main guide through the marshes is Ryan Lambert, one of Louisiana’s premier recreational hunting and fishing guides. After decades of success, Lambert now finds that the foundation on which he’s built a thriving business is quickly disappearing. Lambert takes Roshini through what’s left and shows us why it’s worth saving.


Speaking with an authority that comes from years of exploration and work protecting the world’s marine ecosystems, NG Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle then adds her voice, explaining why the once resilient marshes might be on the verge of extinction.

Watch the full film at and rediscover this important ecosystem for yourself.


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