African Wildlife Conquers London

All photos and captions courtesy of Beverly Joubert.

The wildlife of Great Britain has long since transitioned from giants like the red deer, brown bear, lion, and boar to the more quaintly sized denizens of Winnie-the-Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood and Mr. McGregor’s garden.

Starting today however, the big beasts are back.

Now open at the National Geographic Store on Regents Street, “Visions of Africa” is a new exhibit of fine art photographs by NG Explorer-in-Residence Beverly Joubert, bringing the last of Earth’s megafauna to the bustle of London. Epic vistas, heart-pounding action, and intimate details are all on display, in images collected over a ten-year period studying lions, leopards, and other wildlife in the Okavango Delta, Duba Plains, Mombo, and the Selinda Reserve.

Printed large on richly textured paper, the photographs appear like picture windows, giving the viewer a sense of presence unlike anything attainable in a magazine page or on a computer screen.

During the opening on Tuesday evening, Beverly and her filmmaker husband Dereck gave a talk while a silent auction of a print raised money for the Big Cats Initiative, dedicated to preserving these great predators in their natural habitats throughout the world.

Beverly and Dereck were also recently at National Geographic headquarters, where they gave their expert opinion on exactly what’s going on in the “Baby vs. Lion” video making the rounds on YouTube. Watch their response below.

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