Swan Island Expedition: Day 1

Honduras Coastline: Saying goodbye to Roatan. (c) Kip Evans Photography


Article reposted from http://blog.sylviaearlealliance.org/

The Expedition members gathered on the dock around our ship the Utila Aggressor II ready to board for our voyage from the Bay Islands to Swan Island. With an eye toward the journey and in the spirit of cooperation that embodies this expedition, we formed a chain working in conjunction to load the equipment, dive gear and luggage needed for the success of this venture. We boarded our new home for the upcoming week, met our crew and prepared to embark. Sitting in the berth, with expectations whirling, we had little idea of what was to come.


It soon became apparent that our hopes and expectations for a smooth ride to the Swan Islands was not in the forecast. As we moved closer to our goal, the waves rose to greet us. It soon became evident that a rough crossing was in the cards. Even though we were still in the shadow of the Bay Islands, we were tossed about by the increasing swells. Dramamine soon became the snack of choice as our numbers gradually dwindled, and expedition members made their way to their individual rooms to ride out the 20-hour crossing.

Text by Dustin Boeger