Violence in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Image from "The World" iPad app by National Geographic


In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, two bodies were recently mutilated and left hanging with a note warning others about using social media to report on cartel drug activities. Blogs and twitter feeds have sprung up to facilitate anonymous reporting on cartel activities, CNN reports. Revisit National Geographic magazine articles on Nuevo Laredo and drug-related violence in Mexico for background on the area and issues.

  • In Troubled Spirits (May 2010), Alma Guillermoprieto reports that “in Mexico, the harsh realities of daily life have elevated unholy saints, who now stand beside traditional icons.” Who might you pray to in desperate times? La Santa Muerte, Holy Death. Read about the strife in recent years that has resulted in cult followings of La Santa Muerte, narco-saint Jesus Malverde, and others. Photos by Shaul Schwarz.
  • Once Upon a Time in Laredo (Nov. 2006) tells the tale of two border towns which share more than the same name. Mimi Swartz describes the history of the area and the literal embrace enacted each year on the International Bridge, between residents of Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo in Tamaulipas (state), Mexico. Photos by Penny De Los Santos illustrate the close friendship and family bonds that exist across a river.

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