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Animated Slideshow: A “Celestial Reunion”

Photographer Luc Perrot knows his way around the night sky, and he’s even won awards for his pictures of celestial beauty as seen from the French island of Réunion (map).

From this remote outpost mostly free of light pollution, Perrot captures some amazing views of the Milky Way, the planets, and the stars wheeling around the celestial south pole—all set against otherworldly volcanic landscapes.

Currently Perrot has an exhibit dubbed “Réunion Céleste” on display in the city of Saint-Denis. The free show includes nighttime pictures spanning 18 months.

If you can’t make the trip to the middle of the Indian Ocean, you can still see the exhibit virtually, via interactive panoramics of the showroom:

Perrot has also produced the animated slide show above featuring 35 pictures from the exhibit set to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.”

“Each image is built so that the spectators feel the immensity of the universe and realize the fragility of their condition,” Perrot writes in his video caption.

Personal favorites are the pictures that use stereographic projection, or the so-called “little planet” effect: Panoramic stitching software combines several views taken from a single point and wraps them together to make the scene look like a home fit for The Little Prince.

In the slide show, Perrot also adds a few helpful touches, such as occasional labels and some sense of movement, either in the stars or on the ground—details you won’t get from the physical display.

Still, anyone who’s lucky enough to be on Réunion has until October 29 if they want to check out the pictures in person.

  • Solange

    Magical ! Thank you !

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  • mekeda ondi

    God is beyond belief!!!! To have created such awesome beauty,and then place man here to wonder.

  • Brian

    A small computer screen doesn’t do this slide show justice. One of those times I had a 40″+ HD TV connected to the internet.

  • john leonard minja.

    my n65 maker good in slideshow.thanks for N.G,But im shocked of ohio animals shooting.

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