Bob Ballard Undersea Explorer

By Boyd Matson

Bob Ballard, National Geographic Explorer in Residence, has made same amazing undersea discoveries in his career, finding the Titanic, the Bismark, PT 109, and numerous other famous ships once lost to the oceans, but he has never had a summer of exploration like this one.  Using his new ship the Nautilus, a high tech exploration platform, he located a record number of sunken ships in the waters off Turkey.

I visited Bob on the Nautilus to get a tour of the ship he’s been describing to me for two years.  He showed me some of the high definition video of his new discoveries and proudly described the two remote operated vehicles that uncover the secrets 13,000 feet below the ocean’s surface.  The complete interview with Bob will air on my radio show National Geographic Weekend this week, but this video will give you some of the highlights of our conversation and well as giving you a look at the Nautilus.

Listen to Boyd Matson’s Radio Interview with Bob Ballard (11:00)
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And follow Dr. Robert Ballard and his team as they explore the ocean on the E/V Nautilus.

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