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A rare mother ship cloud formation hovers over Childress, Texas. Photo by Carsten Peter


Has extreme weather gotten worse lately? During the past few years we’ve seen tornadoes rip through cities in Missouri and Alabama. We’ve seen floods in the Midwestern U.S., Pakistan, China, and Australia. We’ve seen heat waves in Russia, typhoons in Japan, wildfires in California and New Mexico. Hurricane Irene left a trail of damage this summer from the Carolinas to Vermont, and Texas and Arizona have had dust storms this fall as bad as those of the 1930s. What’s behind this troubling trend?


Author Peter Miller. NGS Photo

At National Geographic magazine, we’ve been gathering data and talking to scientists about our puzzling weather. We’d like to hear from you as well. What have you experienced where you live? What would you like to ask the experts? Have you changed your expectations for the future?


Let us know what you’ve been through and what you think is going on. Send us your stories and questions—as well as links to your photos and videos—before the end of November, and we’ll pull it all together for an upcoming article by veteran author Peter Miller. We’ll also update you as we go along with news and information we turn up.


Weather happens to all of us. Let’s put our heads together to figure out what’s going on.

Post your stories and questions below.

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