Nat Geo WILD: ‘Day 1’ Production Meeting

Despite the fact that a large number of cast and crew arrived on site today, planning and activities are quickly being put into gear. The weather has not been cooperating up to this point and looks bad later in the week (as well as on live day). Tomorrow looks to be the best of the week and although it is technical set-up day on the boat, the plan is to shoot as much as possible in case we are unable to go live from that location due to unsafe conditions on Friday. The show would still be live from shore but with every such show there have to be numerous contingency plans and this is the last resort fall-back.

There was a large production meeting tonight and then a number of smaller meetings. Although we are only four days from air some of the key players (Director, Hosts, etc.) are meeting and planning for the first time together.

More meetings are planned for the morning and the hope is that the weather will clear enough by mid-day for everything to begin. Stay tuned.


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