Nat Geo WILD: Shark Conservation a Part of the ‘Experiment’

A big, LIVE, television event that is built around putting humans into the water with sharks may seem, well, calculated, to garner attention.  That’s not far off – our goal is to create an entertaining and informative show.

But shark conservation is at the heart of Shark Attack Experiment LIVE.

One of the show’s primary goals is to shoot down the myth that sharks are villainous predators that seek human prey.  Through months of experimentation, culminating in the live demonstrations on the show, we are seeking to better understand what triggers a shark to attack humans, and in so doing, understand how to minimize shark attacks. Reducing fear of sharks and increasing understanding of their behavior is a major step in changing our perceptions of these animals and raising awareness of how vulnerable they are.

Learn more about the human and environmental pressures placed on sharks, and why greater conservation efforts are so desperately needed.

Sharks in Trouble – How Humans Are Far More Dangerous to Them Than They Are to Us



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