Nat Geo WILD: ‘Shark Attack’ Production Update – Weather Anxiety

Three days and counting until the live event and weather is one of producers’ top concerns.  And it won’t take a raging storm to scuttle production – even heavy chop and rough seas are enough to seriously endanger our divers and our ship-board studio.

If the weather doesn’t cooperate, we could be facing some difficult choices when it’s time to flip the switch on the live broadcast.  Fortunately, we have contingency plans – and our contingency plans have contingency plans – but the unpredictability of the minute-to-minute weather, not to mention a host of other factors (sharks pretty much show up on their own schedule) leaves things far from certain – at least not as certain as we’d like.

Today, the team on the ground in South Africa is running though technical rehearsals.  The studio and control room are being set up at the Blue Marlin Hotel in Scottburgh, right on shore.  The photos above will give you a good look at encroaching weather, the view from the studio control-room, and a look at the set-up, which took place this morning, South-Africa time.

Our man on the scene, Bob Sitrick, is out on the boat right now and we’ll be posting a full report – video, photos, and video.  We’ll get the full tour of the studio-at-sea, and should see some early shark footage, so be sure to check back!

In the meantime, we’re collecting your questions for our team of shark experts and will be posting videos with the answers.