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  • Cody o’neal

    has anyone ever found a fosil of a megaladon shak and I love to watch your show

  • Cody O’Neal

    how did you find out about the megaladon? Has any one ever seen a goblin shark?

  • Frank

    how to survive when your are swimming in the sea and meeting a shark ?

  • Alec Garza

    I want to learn about the megaladon shark. How come yall dont mention it.

  • Alec Garza

    i want to learn about a megaladon shark. How come yall dont mention it?

  • oliver purcell, aged 15

    when im older I would love to get a career in shark biology could you please give me an idea on how to do that and where to go to study marine biology?? any answers would be greatly appreciated

  • oliver purcell, aged 15

    if shark skeletons are mostly made of cartilage which rots away how did we find out about magaladon’s the only thing we find are mainly teeth how did we discover the look of the megaladon ????

  • Eguss Vog

    Are there any extinct sharks that are bigger than the Whale shark?

  • josh

    the megaladon needs to be told about

  • Aldrich Aryadi

    What will we do when we’re found the shark at diving vacation?

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