Nat Geo WILD: Almost There

It has been a very long but very productive day. Both at the studio and on the boat we had enough good weather and good luck to work most of the major kinks out that had been keeping some up at night.

The transmission path from ship to shore is stable and they achieved many of the goals out there today. Back on shore things are running smoothly and we were able to get enough done that many in the crew took a rare break to head for dinner in town. Early tomorrow morning a couple of the divers and survivors are going out surfing and we will be there to cover it for you.

The next two days will be extremely long. Tomorrow we are expecting bad weather so most of the rehearsals will need to be here at our hotel studio. The divers may even do some equipment testing in the swimming pool. Then, Friday is essentially an all-nighter since South Africa is seven hours ahead of the US and we will need to start work in the middle of the night to be ready for the US Prime Time live production.

Much excitement to come – stay tuned . . .



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