Nat Geo WILD: ‘Shark Attack’ Production Update

So as the hour grows closer to the live show the challenges continue to mount for the team here in South Africa. It seems that our days have either started well and gone downhill or the opposite, but there have been no completely smooth days from the beginning. Such is the nature of a live show from a remote part of the world.

The weather continues to create challenges out on the Catamaran. Today is finally sunny but the winds, waves and currents have continued to make work enormously challenging out there. The seas in fact were so high that water seeped inside the main generator killing power to the control room and the transmission link. That has all been sorted now and we are watching clear video from the ship back here on shore.

The great news is that the winds are supposed to die down to almost nothing by the time we go on air and there are lots of sharks (several species) in the water. At one point today there were a large number or Raggies around and one of them actually bit through the cable holding the shark cage, I guess just because he could. The crew retrieved the cage and it is now back in place.

Excitement is building and adrenalin is kicking in- be sure to watch Shark Attack Experiment Live tonight at 9P et / 6P pt.



  • robert

    what a debacle. he didnt even man up and say due to the current we cannot continue with the experiment.

    • Hey Robert,

      You may have missed it. The host mentioned the issues with the currents at the top of the show, and later in the show when the diveers briefly went in the water.

      We have been preparing for this LIVE broadcast for the past three months, but with complicated live television productions, thing don’t always go as planned. Still, we were dedicated to presenting the results of three months of demonstrations testing common shark myths and preconceptions and moved forward with the broadcast as planned, substituting some live elements for pre-taped pieces.

      Good or bad, we appreciate you posting here with your feelings about the show.


      Matt Z.
      Nat Geo WILD

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