Nat Geo WILD: Shark vs. Salmon

In Alaska’s freezing waters lurk some of the ocean’s most agile killers―salmon sharks. They are a close relative of the great white shark and one of the few sharks with warm-blooded capabilities. Every year, thousands make the journey to the “Final Frontier” for a feeding frenzy.  Nat Geo WILD takes viewers on a breathtaking expedition to Prince William Sound, a rugged wonderland where enormous glaciers carve and reshape the land.  Despite its severe and unforgiving landscape, this area is a rich and productive ecosystem, home to huge schools of Pacific salmon… and huge numbers of salmon sharks as a result.  We’ll meet these mysterious and rarely filmed predators and experience their frigid hunting grounds up close in Secrets of Alaska’s Salmon Shark.

Secrets of Alaska’s Salmon Shark starts at 6P et/pt as part of the day-long marathon leading up to the premiere of Shark Attack Experiment Live at 9P et/pt.


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