Nat Geo WILD: Sharkville Kicks Off Shark Marathon

It’s truly amazing to witness the precision and prowess of a great white shark in action. As formidable as they are, scientists believed great whites hunted only during the day because of poor night vision — until they got to Sharkville, a shark-infested area just off the southern coast of Africa. While on a six-year study of great whites, shark expert Ryan Johnson made the discovery of a lifetime — these massive predators hunting seal at night. In this high-definition special, Ryan sets out to capture his revolutionary findings on camera. Challenged with pointing a night vision camera at just the right time and place, Ryan puts together an astute plan to get his shot. Now, for the first time on film, witness the remarkable sight of massive great white sharks breaching on a kill by the dark of night.

Sharkville kicks off the day-long shark marathon today at noon leading up to Shark Attack Experiment LIVE at 9P et/pt.


Photo by Stefania Muller



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