Nat Geo WILD: Thanksgiving on ‘Shark Attack Experiment’

Seeing as yesterday was Thanksgiving back home, I am thankful to have had my best morning yet on “Shark Attack Experiment Live” despite only having 4 hours sleep.

Yesterday, I was welcomed into the home of one of our divers Olivia Symcox and her wonderful husband Russel & their two fabulous dogs Shadow and Avo, and served a home-cooked breakfast. Then I accompanied her and Survivor Todd Endris to shoot photos and video of them surfing on the beautiful Greenpoint beach.

Spirits are high among the Production Team – this was yesterday, with just a day-and-a-half before the big live show. Most everyone gathered at the hotel for rehearsals, final production planning meetings, and wet testing some of the gear in the pool.

From this point on it has been be non-stop. Most of the water team will have made their way to the boat by early afternoon today. We will do contingency rehearsals and start the experiments. This will continue straight through the night until we go on the air at 4am our time (9pm East Coast US).

Then comes the massive job of tearing down all that has been built before everyone starts making their way home, wherever in the world that may be.

So while it didn’t feel much like Thanksgiving here let me wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends and all of you back home.


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Bob Sitrick is a 30-year TV production and operations veteran who's produced countless live television and online events. Follow him on Twitter at @bobsitrick