Your Questions for Ocean Explorer Bob Ballard

From his unforgettable discovery of the wreck of Titanic to the possibly less-remembered effort to bring the Loch Ness Monster to light, National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Dr. Robert Ballard has been at the cutting edge of underwater exploration for decades. On the evening of December 14, he’ll be participating with Boyd Matson and Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr. John Mather in an NG Live! event called “Exploring the Edge of Existence.” But before he does, he’ll join NG fans around the world for a live video chat on the Nat Geo Facebook page.


What Lies Beneath

His discovery of the deep-sea “black smokers” and their surrounding colonies of animals that live at scorching temperatures in toxic chemicals, removed from any vestige of sunlight revolutionized our understanding of the conditions where life can survive and even thrive, on Earth and elsewhere.

Through the distance-learning JASON Project, Ballard brings the latest technology and discoveries from the field into classrooms around the world, reaching more than 1.7 million students and 38,000 teachers annually.

His current project, which you can follow at uses remote vehicles and teams of linked-up experts around the world to explore the unknown reaches of the ocean floor, in a 24-7 search for not-even-he-knows-what. As Ballard likes to point out, we literally know more about the surface of the moon than we do about the bottom of the sea.


You Be the Explorer

Now you get to be the explorer and discover what stories and thoughts still lie beneath those trademark baseball caps of his. Join Ballard and fans from every corner of the globe in a live video chat on the National Geographic Facebook page, Wednesday Dec. 14, at 3:30pm EST (8:30pm UT).





Human Journey


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