Panthera and NG Team Up to Save Big Cats

(This text is taken mainly from the National Geographic press release announcing the collaboration.)


(Washington, D.C.) – National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative (BCI) has formed an important collaboration with Panthera, the world’s leading organization devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 37 wild cat species. Together, their aim is to further the global fight to save big cats in the wild.

Officials from the two organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding designating Panthera as a scientific and strategic collaborator on the BCI. The collaboration will facilitate the development and implementation of global conservation strategies for the most imperiled cats around the world, including tigers, lions, leopards and cheetahs. (Read “Politics Is Killing the Big Cats” by legendary biologist and Panthera Vice President George B. Schaller, from the December 2011 National Geographic Magazine.)

To help guide strategy, an advisory group composed of representatives from each organization has been established. The advisory group members are Panthera CEO Alan Rabinowitz, BCI Grants Committee Chair Thomas Lovejoy and National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert, who with National Geographic founded the Big Cats Initiative. As part of this effort, the BCI also will utilize the expertise of Panthera’s premier cat biologists, who will provide scientific and strategic advice on conservation projects supported by the BCI.

Lions cross water in the Okavango Delta. ©Beverly Joubert, The Big Cats Initiative


“Panthera’s relationship with the National Geographic Society’s Big Cats Initiative presents a great opportunity for us to collaborate on new projects that conserve the world’s big cats and their ecosystems and ensure their survival for years to come,” said Rabinowitz. “National Geographic serves as a unique and unmatched mechanism for media outreach, broadcasting conservation stories about wild cats around the globe.”

“Panthera represents the most comprehensive effort of its kind in wild cat conservation,” said Terry Garcia, National Geographic’s executive vice president for Mission Programs. “The big cats of the world need our help, and a scientific collaboration between the Big Cats Initiative and Panthera is a significant step forward in our efforts to save endangered cats species around the world.”


More Big Cats

How You Can Help

Tiger Photos by Steve Winter

Lion Photos by Beverly Joubert



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  • anthony l.j. riddle


  • Pali

    I would like to set up a donation box in my school to raise some money to support this noble cause. As a teacher, it is my duty to make my students aware of this unfortunate situation and facilitate them in making contributions to make this world a better place for all. I need material, pamphlet, and detailed information that I can send home with my students. We have about 150 students in our school.

  • md sajid alam


  • suvankar roy

    Tigers are getting a helping hand from the government of Bangladesh, which is readying more forces to protect the critically endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Only 400 of these animals are still left in the mangrove forests known as the Sundarbans.

  • Neeraj Mehra

    Very Nice Sir.

  • sadaf qureshi

    very good

  • Richard

    I like big cats when I was a child and I wish they will have a better future with our care and enthusiasm.

  • Absolutely Eco – Friendly

    This initiative makes me regain hope in humans. This is an example of what it has to be done and how. It also shows that it requires a strong purpose and focus in order to make a big step forward in the quest of saving any natural resource. It takes action yes, but a lot of it.

  • Kata Lee

    How does one join a group like Panthera & other organizations that go out there and PHYSICALLY PROTECT the big cats that are in the AREA by PREVENTING poachers & other people from going in there & messing with them???? Because I would LOVE to do that….. I KNOW it means being poor, hungry, THIRSTY (which is the WORST for me…) and the possibility of losing your life at the drop of a hat ….. but some people (like me) have a dream & have ALWAYS known that there is NOTHING ELSE that they would RATHER be DOING.. & for people like that.. I think maybe we would like to know what the pre~requisites are for actually JOINING a group of people like this who are willing to GO OUT THERE, WALK AROUND & WATCH & MAKE SURE that NOBODY messes with these MOST BEAUTIFUL of ALL CREATIONS.. I know I might sound like a lunatic.. But I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY wanna KNOW!!!! I assume you must be a scientist of some sort? A zoologist? Veterinarian specializing in LARGE animals, I suppose??? I’m a little “uneducated” right now, but INQUIRING MINDS would LIKE to KNOW………

  • ch8ch

    These cats won’t die…..dont allow it…….

  • Kat

    What would we be leaving to our children if these cats were gone? I’m glad these two entities are teaming up. Good Luck and fingers crossed!!

  • Swanny

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i want one.

  • mackenzie

    I used this for my current event and my teacher gave me an A++ that was the best grade in science i ever got for my allowance went up to 50 buckerooooooossss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Nelson

    I do not know how to send pic’s to face book?

  • deepak vaid

    nice pics,so cute

  • freeman

    tres jolie photo la tendresse ..l’amoure ..soussie.. joie ..tt nice

  • Revantia Ariani

    I really likes big cats family especially tiger, because I think tigers are really cool. and I’m so happy when tiger in my province’s zoo had birth two tiger babies not long ago and both of them are female. the names of them are mayang and ayu. they are really cute and I heard that they will get new siblings. you can see the pictures of mayang and ayu (tiger babies) in official website of my province zoo, that is http://www.tamanrimbozoo-jambi.com.

  • Amanda White

    Is there any way I can get involved in the conservation of The Big Cats? I watch alot of natgeo & animal planet & always get excited when any show comes on involving lions, lepoards & cheetahs (yes big cat diary is amazing…watched every episode:), but i love all the cats. I can’t afford to donate really, just ur average everyday mom, 4kids, married, morgage…but i really feel there is more for me to do here than just read about it & dream i could do something. Please let me know of anything i can contribute…i have alot of spare time & would love to put it twords a good cause for something i absolutly love and admire & want my children & future grandchildren to enjoy in their lifetime. Thank you, & keep up the good work & your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  • max

    i love tigers esspesially the bengal tiger.but its sad to here that the tiger is an endangered animal.lets work together to save the tiger.

  • Asad

    I can see the innocence behind those fearless eyes.
    The power and agility,the nature’s master pieces.A balance in nature.As we humans are concerned we must save them from extinction,only around 360 siberian tigers are left in the wild & 300 asiatic Lions left.A dilemma for us.

  • Rachmatsyah Nusfi Ir Rachmat

    please go to aceh provinsi , to jungle you see elephlat, tiger, BADAK sumatra org hutan

  • chloe

    Don’t let the tigers leave me! Stop killing the tigers people!I love every kind of cat! Stop it right now

  • Ayush Sheokand

    Kill me ,,,,,,Sell my parts …………………………BUT Please Save these Wonderful Beauties………………….

  • Pattiiee

    Here’s my thoughts! Everyone who is caught with a dead animal is guilty-judge gives life-no waiting-they just die then. Not way out-no deals-just death right then. There is no excuse for killing animals!!!!!!!!!!

  • João Carlos Sá Pavanelli

    Tenho acompanhado as publicações da N. Geographic, desde
    minha infância. Hoje, já adulto, posso avaliar a grande contri-
    buição, em minha vida, digo em têrmos de visão de mundo,
    que obtive. Obrigado à todos da N. Geographic.
    João Carlos Sá Pavanelli.

  • amit patnaik

    save our tiger

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  • dimitar

    Save Big Cats

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  • wina sundari

    please help promoting the action to save sumatran tiger and javanese rhinoceros. they’re almost extinct, there’s only a few hundreds of them left and there’s only small groups of people in indonesia who care.

  • Sean Douglas

    I will do what I can because when I saw that lion video, I was shocked (if the farmers did that), because if anything I love the wild alot more than the cities. So even though I might not have money, even though i might be in summer still, I will do wat I can for your program.

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