Evolution of the Businessman


This week Facebook filed for their much anticipated IPO, seeking to raise $5 billion. So it’s perhaps fitting that Nowsourcing created this cheeky infographic for BusinessMBA.org,  chronicling the evolutionary history of the businessperson.

Perhaps more humorous than factually accurate (not every businessperson in the Roaring Twenties was a bootlegger), it’s the last part of the infographic that is perhaps most interesting. It notes that jobs in green tech have recently grown by 9.1% while regular jobs have only grown by 3.7%.

It’s a welcome sign that the next step in the evolution of the businessperson will be to fully green businessperson.



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Brian Clark Howard is a writer and editor with NationalGeographic.com. He was formerly an editor at The Daily Green and E/The Environmental Magazine and has contributed to many publications, including TheAtlantic.com, FastCompany.com, MailOnline.com, PopularMechanics.com, Yahoo!, MSN and elsewhere. His latest book, with Kevin Shea, is Build Your Own Small Wind Power System.

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