Young Explorer Films Violent Monkey Takeover

While conducting field research in Northern Ethiopia, NG Young Explorer Shayna Liberman, had the amazing opportunity to study a group of gelada monkeys in Simien Mountains National Park where she spent five and half months observing the maternal behavior of several female monkeys. Not only did she return from her expedition with notebooks chocked full of copious notes, but also some very intense and intriguing footage and photography of a not-often-seen, violent gelada fight.

Shayna began working with gelada monkeys through the University of Michigan Gelada Project back in 2010. Building upon data collected by other students and researches over the last decade, she provided important additions to the project through research, photography and video. Even though the Gelada Project has drawn to a close for Shayna, she will continue to pursue her studies Yale University where she will earn her Ph.D.

To learn more about Shayna’s research in Ethiopia check out her blog, “Shayna in Africa”.