Introducing Izilwane, a New Environmental Magazine!

Photo Courtesy of Kira Johnson

Welcome! IZILWANE, which means “animals” in Zulu, is an innovative multimedia platform that focuses on connecting human beings with other species and with nature. We believe that as humans become aware that we are merely one of many species and not separate from local and global ecosystems, we will choose to live in ways that value all species.

We focus on the role of human beings’ perceptions in the ongoing loss of biodiversity, while simultaneously illustrating that our own human survival depends upon the well-being of other species and healthy ecosystems. Right now, we’re facing rapid and overwhelming biodiversity loss around the globe, as well as a great extinction of species called the Sixth Extinction, and humans are the dominant force behind this extinction.

Photo Courtesy of Kira Johnson

Through our online media, IZILWANE explains not only the facts and science of the problem of biodiversity loss and the sixth extinction, but also the emotional aspects of how and why humans are causing this crisis. Through personal stories and meaningful examination of culture, we develop our relationship to other species, and we believe that the emotional connection created by storytelling is critical to awakening a new sensibility about what it means to be truly human. Hence, IZILWANE offers features, such as the article Lessons From Wolves, an anthropologist’s study of how humans perceive and relate to wolves, as well as more personal accounts, such as the essay The Human Animal and Biodiversity, a reflection upon our human nature and other species.

As a multi-media ezine, IZILWANE uses articles, fieldwork experience, academic concept papers, photography, video, podcasts, and blogging to connect the human animal to the global ecosystem. Our contributors are citizen eco-reporters and come from all walks of life. They are students, professors, scientists, artists, writers, environmental advocates and everyday people who care about animals and nature.

Photo Courtesy of Kira Johnson

Please check out our ezine at and consider becoming an eco-reporter. Join our virtual team of contributors and co-create eco-centric models of thinking, living and being, as you share your stories and experiences with each other and the general public.

Human Journey

Meet the Author
Voices for Biodiversity (V4B) is an online conservation media magazine that shares the stories of people from around the globe in order to help all species survive and thrive together. The e-zine is a gathering place for those who believe that humanity’s health and well-being depend upon the health and well-being of other species and the ecosystems that support us all. Voices for Biodiversity shares the stories of eco-reporters from around the world, using the ancient human art of storytelling to connect people with each other, other species, and the natural world. The magazine’s goal is to alter human behavior in such a way as to connect the human animal with the global ecosystem in order to stem biodiversity loss and arrest the sixth extinction of species taking place in this time, the Age of the Anthropocene.