Muybridge and Photographic Milestones

Photo by Charles Martin


The Google Doodle today is in honor of Eadweard Muybridge’s 182nd birthday. Happy birthday to a photographic pioneer, who in 1878 proved through his motion photos that horses do indeed have all four hooves simultaneously off the ground at one time when running. In honor of his achievement, download free wallpaper of the famous running horse, then watch an encore of the horse in motion in our History of Photography timeline (click on 1877 in the timeline at the bottom of the page).

Our History of Photography timeline highlights other  innovations in the photographic world, including that of underwater photography. The photo above was the first lit underwater shot, taken in the Dry Tortugas in a collaboration between W. H. Longley and Charles Martin, head of the National Geographic photo lab. Click on 1926 in the timeline to read more or click here to download free wallpaper of the magnesium flash explosion; find more underwater photography achievements in Milestones in Underwater Photography. Click here for more National Geographic Photography Milestones and free wallpaper, including the first aerial color photograph, published in the National Geographic magazine in 1930.


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