Tornado Hunter’s First Video of the Year

Every spring, NG Emerging Explorer Tim Samaras zigzags across the American plains putting 25,000 miles on his vehicle chasing tornadoes.

Several years ago Tim designed a “turtle” probe able to record the severe pressure drops inside a tornado that trigger the signature extreme wind speeds. “This information is especially crucial, because it provides data about the lowest 10 meters of a tornado, where houses, vehicles, and people are,” Tim says. On the missions to deploy probes, he’s also sure to catch it all on camera.

Last weekend, on the first day chasing this year, Tim and his team recorded 1.5 hours of footage, chronicling more than a dozen twisters. In the video above, watch as one massive storm tracks across the Kansas plains and then shoots across the highway just ahead of the camera.

While conducting his research necessarily puts him regularly in harm’s way, Tim is always eager to get out and get to work, knowing that every new bit of knowledge might help others better prepare for these potentially devastating storms.


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