Lion Lights Invention by 13-Year-Old Kenyan to Save Big Cats?

In this video report, National Geographic Big Cats Initiative grantee Paula Kahumbu reports on a bright idea by 13-year-old Kenyan innovator Richard Turere to save endangered lions with his “lion lights” invention.

Big Cats Initiative and its grantees have a near-uniform shared theme of conservation via deep engagement with local communities and stakeholders.  The connection between Paula Kahumbu, a BCI grantee and recipient of the National Geographic -Howard G. Buffett Award for African Conservation, and young Richard Turere is a shining of example of how the BCI’s grassroots-based conservation actions collaboratively find and implement the most imaginative, yet simple and effective conservation techniques.


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Meet the Author
While his own research focuses on learning about and protecting the fossa, Madagascar's elusive top predator, Luke Dollar has also devoted himself to promoting smart and effective conservation throughout the world. As a part of this larger dedication, he also heads up National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative. Learn More About Luke Dollar and His Work