The World’s Biggest Heists

Planning the heist of the century? Before you get your grappling hooks and black turtlenecks out, you may want to take a look at this infographic. There have been some massive robberies in the past, and anything you may have planned now will likely pale in comparison.

Having in mind to make off with millions of dollars and not getting caught is a lofty goal, but not for everyone’s bucket list. It takes nerves of steel, a tight lip and superior planning skills. Not to mention what to do after you get the loot; your options are pretty limited and are narrowed down to leaving the country (tricky), getting caught, or dying. So, be aware when planning your first heist, and maybe scale it down to a Twix bar in the grocery store rather than the sapphire diamond of Machu Picchu.

This infographic highlights the biggest heists in recent years, and heists like these are not going anywhere, folks. Sure they make those who pull them off into rich and glamorous outlaws, but it makes for even greater news. People just eat this stuff up when some genius and his buddies make off with $300 billion worth of famous artwork.

The beauty of a perfect heist is the lack of recovery of the stolen items. In these cases, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of stolen goods were never found and remain missing. So without further ado (and spoilers) we give you The World’s Biggest Heists.

The World's Biggest Heists [Infographic]
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