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I’ve been packing my bags and trying to clear out my inbox, because I’m off to Brazil tomorrow in anticipation of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (June 20-22). I’ll be posting updates on our Sustainable Earth hub, so look for that.

Also keep an eye on the @NatGeoGreen Twitter account, where I’ll be making updates from the action.

Our colleagues at the Great Energy Challenge just posted a handy guide on virtual resources for those who can’t make it to the Marvelous City. (That post, in turn, was published with permission from the Human Impacts Institute Blog.)

I won’t repeat everything from their post, but the main resources are:


Social Media

Main Twitter hashtags: #rioplus20  #earthsummit  #futurewewant

UN Rio+20 Conference: @UN_Rio+20

UN Development Programme: @UNDP

UN Environmental Programme: @UNEP

UN CDS Major Group for Children and Youth: @MGCY_UNCSD

Brice Lalonde, Rio+20 Executive Coordinator: @BriceLalonde

National Geographic Environment: @NatGeoGreen

Human Impacts Institute: @HumanImpacts

On Facebook: UNRioplus20 and Road2rio20.





Live United Nations Webcast



Earth Summit Watch is designed to solicit information on what individual countries around the world are doing to prepare for Rio+20, including an interesting map showing which countries have a head of state who has committed to attend.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) will have dedicated coverage of Rio+20 meetings and side events.


This post was adapted from a longer post at the Human Impacts Institute Blog and was republished with permission. You will find more coverage of Rio+20 there and at National Geographic’s Sustainable Earth: Road to Rio+20 hub.

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