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Obama vs. Romney: Who Would Handle an Alien Invasion Better?

I am not sure if this was timed as part of a sendoff for our very favorite Breaking Orbit blogger, Victoria Jaggard, or for the new show Chasing UFOs airing Friday, June 29 on the National Geographic Channel , but National Geographic has just released the results of new survey that declares most Americans think President Obama would handle an alien invasion better than Mitt Romney.

According to the results:

“President Obama and his staff might have to be on high alert for an alien attack if the predictions of many Americans come to fruition. Nearly one in five (19%) think Washington, D.C., is the most likely landing zone for a UFO. And more than one in four (28%) think one would touch down in Roswell, N.M., which is certainly best known for unidentified flying objects. Furthermore, many think officials have put a tight lid on what they actually know, as nearly four in five (79%) believe that the government has kept information about UFOs a secret from the public. Whether or not the White House is being buttoned up about UFOs, the commander in chief would need to let loose on aliens if our nation were being threatened. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of Americans think Barack Obama would be better suited than fellow presidential candidate Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion. In fact, more than two in three (68%) women say that Obama would be more adept at dealing with an alien invasion than Romney, vs. 61 percent of men. And more younger citizens, ages 18 to 64 years, than those aged 65+ (68% vs. 50%) think Romney would not be as well-suited as Obama to handle an alien invasion.”

Obama’s negotiating tactics aside, aliens immediately make me think of our own National Geographic explorer, Kevin Hand, who recently said, “The fundamental questions we’re trying to answer are questions humanity has asked ever since we first gazed into the night sky: What is life and could it exist out there beyond Earth?” But since Hand, the deputy chief scientist for solar system exploration at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, was unavailable to comment,  I decided to call my dad, Charlie Bucci, longtime dinner table lecturer and avid reader. (See: Looking For Life: Kevin Hand Prepares to Search for Life on Jupiter’s Moon Europa)

Q: Do you think aliens exist?
DAD: “I think there are “other living things” in our universe. Since the hubble telescope’s been out there they can’t even estimate how many stars or universes are out there. There has to be some planet out there that can support life. Did you know the Russians are drilling a hole in the Arctic? (See: Russian Scientists Breach Antarctica’s Lake Vostok—Confirmed) They want to see if there are any organisms in there! We don’t know what atmosphere that life CANNOT be sustained. It seems life can be sustained anywhere. We used to think you have to have air, you have to have water, but it seems organisms can exist in any atmosphere.”

Q. If you were to encounter an alien would you run away or try to make friends? Do you have a tin foil hat?
DAD: “I would run away. I am a big chicken. What’s a tin foil hat? Can we make one this weekend?”

2. Would you send me to be experimented on by aliens? If not me, then who would you send?
DAD: “No, I wouldn’t send you, but I do know a guy I’d like to send…”

Q. So you think there is evidence of alien existence on earth?
DAD: “There are lots of weird stone formations they talk about in Turkey. Perfectly smooth stones piled up with no gaps, how’d they get that way?” (See: Top 10 Inca Ruins to See: Sacsahuaman)

Survey Also Reveals:
• One-third of Americans believe UFOs exist
• More U.S. citizens believe in aliens than in superheroes or zombies
• A large majority think aliens might possess superpowers, including time travel skills
• Nearly half of Americans would volunteer their boss to be experimented on by aliens
• And 50 percent would most want to be friends with E.T. over other fictional aliens

Learn More:
Chasing UFOs: Airing Friday, June 29th, 9PM EST
Stephen Colbert: National Geographic Poll on Alien Invasion Management

Amy Bucci is a web producer for National Geographic. Her projects mainly cover National Geographic explorers, grantees and initiatives.
  • Adrian

    I’m certain Obama would kiss their leaders hand and ass…and then afterwards apologize for our ignorance of their race.

  • Sally

    Todays National Geographic is an embarrassment to the magazine it once was. With articles on space invasions and politics, it’s sunk below most comic books.

  • ron carmona

    This is not news.

  • Al Gillis

    Really people… are we dodging the real issues? The not-likely against what is really needed in our U.S.A. Incomes, Jobs, Inflation, we have a war going on and threats against our homeland by earthlings. Let’s face reality. Al said that.

  • cruz

    Obama would make sure they have healthcare or threaten them with taxes.

  • jerryball

    As if we don’t have enough conspiracy hair burning issues, we have to add one more fibulous one? Perhaps the GOP would filibuster the aliens away, while the Democrats would finish the job (remember Bin Laden?)

  • kelvin

    i would rather worry about China starting WWIII than alien invasion

  • SRS

    Stupid question for a story title. Obama isn’t handling the alien invasion going on right now.

  • patrik


  • some internet dude

    Romney and his Mormon faith believe is some crazy things, I bet he would bend over backwards for our alien overlords. Obama would go all “bin laden” on there asses, two to the head of the first alien to step foot on earth.

  • cleo

    Romney because he’s a robot himself! When these visitors from outer space do arrive, they will show us what an alien really is–not someone who can here from another Earth country to find a better life!

  • Cas677

    What are you talking about!! We’re being invaded by illegal aliens now and Obama can’t handle it. He’s our worst nightmare security-wise.

  • Lanche

    The libtards are really trying deflect anything and everything from the President. Now they are going in to outer space trying to see how he would deal with little Green men. So whats wrong blaming Bush not working out for you to well?

  • Robert Rhodes

    The GOP current goal is “To Serve Man”. President Obama is a regular “welcome to Earth” guy.

  • Jim Harwood

    The problem with the poll is Obama and Romney are aliens from other planets! Their worlds are fighting each other over Earth, starting with the conquest of the USA. Don’t vote for the lesser of two weevils in this bug war! Watcha gonna do when the aliens come for you? Before that happens, vote for centrist Independent candidates!

  • Annonymous

    I know they exist and that is all I need to know. I have met an Alien Grey about 3’6″ high, with a big head and big black eyes. There is definitely a Cover-Up going on. Maybe its because the Government thinks you can’t handle the truth, and you may crap your duds. Anyway it did me no harm and it communicated without talking. Its flying star changes colour when it floats past and shoots straight up without a sound. Its very, very fast. I mean Fast.
    High ranking military officers are willing to testify before Congress that about 5 dozen species of known Aliens are on their Top Secret Books. American President’s may have done deals with Aliens, in trade for technology. These deals involve Alien Abduction of human beings. The US does have Top Secret bases where they work with Aliens, but you need a Security Classified Level 40 to get anywhere near them or they will use lethal force The Universe is teaming with lifeform and it goes on for ever in every direction. Some lifeforms are extremely advanced and with over four billion web pages, eye-witnesses, photos, video, audio, radar, physical evidence, including DNA, we are definitely NOT ALONE

  • […] appears to have already made up its mind. According to a new poll by the National Geographic channel, 65 percent of Americans believe that Barack Obama would be better at defending the world […]


    Obama wouldn’t need to defend us. They wouldn’t attack because he’s one of them. While that was meant as tongue in cheek humor, there is some truth to it. While the secular media us focused on an alien explanation, others have their focus where it should be – the demonic realm. There are compelling reasons to suspect that they are behind the entire UFO alien phenomena. It is clear from his behavior that they also exercise considerable influence of Obama as well. They’re all playing for the same team but Obama may not realize whose side he’s really on. There are many web sites that address this topic from a biblical perspective, but the secular media never looks at the issue from this angle. Here’s one – Google bible ufo aliens for many more.

  • Jason

    Obama would bow to the aliens and apologize for our many satellites then have ‘peace talks’ with them while the aliens planned the eradication of the earth. Course Romney would probably launch nukes at them only to find out our weapons are useless…. So either way we’d end up getting wiped out.
    Though personally I’d rather go out fighting then getting eradicated in my sleep any day.

  • Cool Day

    Mrs Amy, can you please tell us who had the idea for this article? What’s with the alien invasion — I don’t get it?!

    Can you, please, talk about INTELLIGENT things, instead of indoctrinating the planet with BS about malevolent extraterrestrial beings?

    There is no such thing as “alien invasion”. They evolved beyond conquering planets.

    Anyways, if they would want our planet, they could wipe us all out (without harming nature) in one second. We would have NO idea that someone wants us out of the picture.

    It’s like a nuclear war versus the mighty roman empire. They would scratch their asses now, and one second later their empire would be no more. Now just imagine what technology a billion years old civilization has. Would fry our brains without harming nature. We would be gone, the planet would be here.

    I repeat, there is NO SUCH THING as “alien invasion”. It’s just a SCAM, for you to be more fearful and give away even more of your liberties.

    Don’t fall for this BS.

    The indoctrinators will one day PAY. I don’t know how, but trust me on this one…they will pay. Do you hear this Amy? The future will judge you for betraying your fellow human beings.

    Love to All and Peace on Earth!



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  • […] In a stunning endorsement of the Obama Administration’s defense policy, 65 percent of Americans say Barack Obama could handle a space alien invasion better than challlenger Mitt Romney. That’s according to a recent poll by the National Geographic Channel. […]

  • […] a recent poll conducted by the National Geographic Channel, Americans favor Obama over Romney to handle an alien […]

  • Nick

    I think Romney would protect us from alien invasion only because he just would

  • Ximena

    Obama would win (I miss Obama)

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