Hangout with Sylvia Earle at the Undersea Laboratory, Aquarius

In case you missed it, we hung out with Sylvia Earle and fellow Aquanauts at Aquarius Reef Base. Enjoy!

To learn more about Sylvia’s mission to increase ocean research and save the Aquarius Reef Base click here.

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From 60 feet below the surface…

The laboratory has been called both an “underwater space station” and a “time machine for scientists”. The structure itself has been absorbed by the ecosystem to become a living reef. Nestled in a coral reef 60 feet below the surface, 8 miles off Key Largo, Florida, Aquarius Reef Base is the only operating seafloor habitat in the world. With over 350 missions completed at the laboratory since it opened nearly 20 years ago, the base is buzzing with scientific activity.

Now you can explore this underwater laboratory during our next Google+ Hangout with Explorer-in-Residence Sylvia Earle, aquanaut pioneer and member of Aquarius’s next expedition team.

Drs. Sylvia Earle and Mark Patterson, Professor of Marine Science at College of William & Mary,¬†will co-lead what may be the final expedition to Aquarius. The mission will investigate coral and sponge biology on the reef, as well as celebrate 50 years of human exploration on the sea floor. Beginning with Jacques Cousteau’s Conself I project, humans have been living on the sea floor for the purposes of science, innovation, and exploration since 1962.

Award-winning filmmaker and fellow aquanaut DJ Roller will also join Sylvia and Mark for the expedition capturing 3D images in resolutions high enough for a five-story-tall IMAX screens. DJ and his production team plan to capture an entirely new view of science and living underwater.

Join us as we step inside this self-contained 80-ton cylindrical steel chamber for a chat with Sylvia and a chance to check out where the team will spend several days living and studying the surrounding ecosystem.


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