Saving a Pet Might Just Save Your Life

Although some hardcore animal rights advocates object to the concept of owning any animal, it’s also true that studies have linked responsible pet ownership to lowered stress and increased happiness. With today’s pet industry a booming business worth more than $52 billion a year in the U.S. alone, there are plenty of pampered pooches and kitties.

According to the American Pet Products Association, 62% of Americans own pets. That accounts for 86 million cats, 78 million dogs, 5.7 million birds, 4.6 million reptiles, 2.4 million horses, and nearly 13 million fish.

With so many animals, outnumbering people in some local areas, there are unfortunately too many who need good homes. If you are thinking of getting an animal, stop on by your local shelter before you think about calling a breeder or pet store.

Who can resist those sad puppy eyes in the infographic by Nowsourcing for Carlton Hobbs Antiques?


How Saving a Pet Might Just Save Your Life [Infographic]
courtesy of Carlton Hobbs Antiques

  • Michelle

    Awww, who could say no! Say yes to living two years longer :).

  • laura

    The key word here is “Responsible” Too many people get a pet for selfish reasons. Thinking they should just feed it and let it out to do its business. Having a pet is a huge responsibility to its health, safety, exercise, nutrition and affection. The “hardcore animal right advocates” will find this responsibility easy, while at the same time they are rescuing neglected and abused pets from people with great expectations like you are suggesting. Being a responsible owner takes work, money and devotion to their long and healthy life. Shelters are full because of irresponsible owners. Other pets never make it there. Spay, Neuter , fostering or dedication for life should be stressed here for the emotional benefits you list.

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  • Pamela

    Even the most “hardcore animal rights activists” I know would never discourage someone from adopting or fostering an animal from a shelter. They are activists because of a strong empathy for the suffering of animals. It’s the idea of ownership of a living creature that does not sit right with them. We don’t “own” our children; we care for them because we love them, just as we should with our animal companions/pets.

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