Second “Monster” Face Sighted in Snow

A face in the snow? Photo: Katie Curnew


Last week we posted a photo from a reader of what looks like a face in the ice of a frozen creek in Washington State. Another reader, Katie Curnew, saw that post and emailed us the above image.

Curnew told us via email, “My mom and I went for a snow hike with cameras at Marble Mountain just by the ski resort, where there is a waterfall [in Newfoundland, Canada]. We thought it looked like a face so we took a pic of it! It was not photoshopped or anything haha I’m just a beginner photographer.”

Katie, even if you are a beginner photographer, you have a good eye! Thanks for sharing.

Which face is more surprising, do you think? (And please share yours.) It’s still hot and dry across most of the country, so we can use some chill relief.

Again, here’s a detail of the above picture to make it more clear:

Photo: Face in snow detail
Detail of above picture. Photo: Katie Curnew

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