This Simple $10 Fix Saves a Gallon Per Flush

My friend Jeffrey Davis of the blog Ecosnobbery Sucks just put together a brief video on a simple $10 product that saves about a gallon of water per toilet flush.

The product is an efficient toilet fill valve, which Jeffrey says can be “dialed in” to dispense only the minium amount of water needed to fill the bowl and tank. Jeffrey bought the BlueSource HC660 from HydroClean for his own use, but mentioned that there are other brands out there.

Jeffrey showed the difference in water saved (1 gallon) before and after installation of the fill valve. He said it took him only about 10 minutes to get it in.

It’s going a step further from the old adage of putting something in the tank to displace water, and therefore require less to fill the tank for each flush. Historically, people put bricks in their tanks, although those can break down over time and clog the works. Some people now fill plastic bottles with water and use them instead.

Has anyone else used a flush product like this?


Brian Clark Howard is an Environment Writer and Editor at National Geographic News. He previously served as an editor for and E/The Environmental Magazine, and has written for,,, Yahoo!, MSN, Miller-McCune and elsewhere. He is the co-author of six books, including Geothermal HVACGreen Lighting and Build Your Own Small Wind Power System.