This Simple $10 Fix Saves a Gallon Per Flush

My friend Jeffrey Davis of the blog Ecosnobbery Sucks just put together a brief video on a simple $10 product that saves about a gallon of water per toilet flush.

The product is an efficient toilet fill valve, which Jeffrey says can be “dialed in” to dispense only the minium amount of water needed to fill the bowl and tank. Jeffrey bought the BlueSource HC660 from HydroClean for his own use, but mentioned that there are other brands out there.

Jeffrey showed the difference in water saved (1 gallon) before and after installation of the fill valve. He said it took him only about 10 minutes to get it in.

It’s going a step further from the old adage of putting something in the tank to displace water, and therefore require less to fill the tank for each flush. Historically, people put bricks in their tanks, although those can break down over time and clog the works. Some people now fill plastic bottles with water and use them instead.

Has anyone else used a flush product like this?


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  • Laine D

    I installed them in 2 of our 3 bathrooms (I had to replace the whole toilet in the 3rd one). They work well and were easy to install. They reduce the flush overall but also have a two way button which allows you to tailor each individual flush for even more water savings.

    The only negative with this kit is the height of one of the pieces which lifted the tank lid a little. Our work around was adding some weather stripping to the inside of the tank lid to lift it slightly. Works great. Great work Eco Snobbery Sucks!

    Laine D

  • JR

    Easier and cheaper putting a big object in the tank.

  • Matt Sanchez

    If I may make a suggestion to save money. You don’t have to spend any money on a fancy gadget (quite possibly, made in a environmentally unfriendly factory and from non-recycled materials) and still conserve one gallon of water per flush. All you need to do is get a recycled gallon of water jug and reuse It to reduce the amount of water that fills your tank. To do his, simply fill your gallon jug will water and place it inside of your water tank. Alternatively, you may get liter water bottles and disperse them to fit so that they do not block the stopper to your water closet. The gallon of water in the jug(s) will displace the water in your tank causing your floater to rise and stop filling your tank. Installation or modification of existing parts is not required and the total cost may be less than a dollar.


    just bend the metal arm of the floater downwards, this will allow the floater to close the valve with less water in the tank. No fancy gadget required or any bottle/bricks in your tank.

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